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Anyone Here Live in Utah?


Fun stuff.


Do you think an incestuous father should have the right to know about this?


I think an incestuous father has the right to a shotgun blast to the genitals and little else.


Yeah, I think if an underage girl is required to go to a judge for permission to get an abortion, she should not even have to go back to her parents house.

And don't you just love ole Senator Butters. He still upset that he can't put his religion in the schools.




I think it should be a parental right to be notified unless the parent has done something to lose the right.

Incest should be cause for losing parental rights.


I know Butters personally, and yes he is an idiot, but that's not the fault of his religion, that's the fault of his parents not having an abortion.


I agree, the poster child for pro-choice.


Oh why yes, I am a Utah girly, and I'm not that proud to admit it. Our politicians are stupid, our general population is cult-like, and our jello comes green, baby!



What's the essence of the article?

(The link is no longer available).



Green with carrot floaties, as I recall...


This was months ago. I can't remember.