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Anyone Here Like Razor Clams?


I just got done cleaning razor clams. They're my absolute favorite postworkout meal (or any meal for that matter). If I was on death row and getting my last meal I'd ask for my grams razors? Anyone else here live on the coast and like razor clams? If you guys were sitting on row what would be your last meal?


I like certain bearded clams.


I'm curious to see how many people are going to say Metabloic Drive or Grow! I can picture when the guard comes to ask you what you want and you say a shaker and a tub of Grow!. lol




Thats what I thought when I saw the title of this thread.


Nah, allthough bearded clams are up there on my list too. I did dress my girl up as bearded clam 2 years ago for halloween. She was a giant clam and I had a cock outfit. We went hand in hand that night.


I used to love collecting razors when I was a kid. I'd go out on the beach armed with only with salt to get them out of their burrows, then steam them open on a fire on the beach. You're right Clown, definitely one of the best shellfish around.



I hear that.