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Anyone Here Into Modifying Their Car??


I know it has nothing to do with bodybuilding. was just curious if theres others here that get obsessed with car modifications. IM talking New cam, ported Heads, different exhaust system. air intakes. Headers and superchargers. thats just performance, then you have the exterior mods, tinting, rims, or even new sound systems.

Im currently having an Arrington magna supercharger installed. should have close to or more than 700 horse power depending on the tune put in.


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I modified mine soon after I bought it. Installed me a pine tree air freshener hanging right from the rearview mirror where everyone can see it. And I didn't do the plastic wrapper 1/2 off pansy foo-foo shit either. Ripped that whole thing off for maximum scent, yessir. It hasn't helped with the cars' performance as best I can tell, but women practically break their neck as I drive by. They see me rollin' Christmas-style.


I got an '84 jeep.

replaced the rear end with a Ford 9" w/ Detroit Locker
replaced the front diff with a D44 that I narrowed myself w/ TruTrac locker
Pulled out the anemic 6cyl and am stuffing in this 350.
350 has been balanced, RV cam, Vortec heads and Throttle body Injection
turbo 350 automatic
new seats.
36" IROC tires

Having a blast with it...it'll be a beast when I get it on the road!


I love cars.

I raced a 92 VW Jetta GLI. Rebuilt it from the ground up. Engine had 2nd bore, hot cams, balanced/blueprinted, titanium springs, 3 degree valve job. Intake and exhaust manifolds flow optimezed, GIAC chip.

Koni adjustable shocks all around, OZ forged rims, Dunlop R rated rubber for the track, Sumitomo for the street.

Deleted the A/C, big brakes off the Corrado SLC and a bunch of other stuff. The car wasn't especially fast, but it cornered like a rat in a drainpipe.

Daily driver is a 93 500E. Not a lot to be done with it besides Y pipe and first gear start. 1596 cars imported in 1993, 3 of them were black over black. I had one of them. Only cosmetic change was AMG forged 3 piece rims by OZ.


I had an 81 Camaro with a 327. I put a high rise intake, Edelbrock 4 barrel, Hooker headers, port and polished the heads, had to shim the starter, and took out about 150 lbs of supports and 'extra' weight.

Then I wrapped it around a tree at ~80. That was the end of that.

I also had an 80 CJ7 that I raised 4 inches, but I had to sell it when I moved to Okinawa before I could do anything else.


Just when we thought you couldn't get cooler, you just did. Awesome ride Herr BBB.


When I was young, my dad and I worked on his '71 Chevy Nova SS. It was fucking bad-ass!

I haven't had the time to work on cars lately, but ten years ago I had and Acura Integra GS-R with B-18c engine. I didn't go crazy boring shit out or anything, but I bolted some shit on (mainly aspirating it). Also about 4K in the sound system :slight_smile:

I am seriously considering getting a classic muscle car again. I'm only torn between fixing it up myself or getting one in reasonably good shape already and going from there. (or getting the new Challenger - that thing is BAD-ASS!)


BBB, Im a fan of yours and I like what you contribute to the site, but I just have to call you out on that comment man. You dont make 1000hp without much trouble; it just does not and can not happen, especially not from bolting on a turbo kit onto an engine that only has 300 and something horsepower to begin with. I also thought the 3.8 was in the E34 BMW`s not the E39, but that may be different since you are overseas.


I have a 92 Japanese Honda civic with an H22 in it. Tanaka Adjustable springs, msd spark, intake, 17` wheels, lights, sound system everythings changed. Bought the stroker kit for it as well but gotta wait for a while before I can have it installed cause it turns out I need to change a few other things before installation. Oh btw I am in Pakistan. Cali is when I registered .

Also my deceased father in law owned a 72 mustang which is a rare commodity around here and the wife has finally given permission to start a lil project on that too. Should be fun.


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My company fits Porsche based brakes on VW/Audi and some BMW M types. When we last did a conversion for a 550+bhp Golf IV R32 with Porsche PCCB (ceramic) brakes at the front and rear, the customer already paid well over 10.000 euro for the front and rear calipers and rotors.

For the custom disc bells, caliper brackets and rear anchor plates, hand brake mechanism etc, the total costs will be around 14.000 euro (all parts+brackets etc).

Perhaps these parts are much cheaper in the US, but genuine PCCB parts are very expensive.


I used to be heavily into modifying my cars, my E36 BMW especially (only the 318is though as i was still young) but since then age has caught up with me and i now drive 100 miles a day meaning i have a new car which is leased so i cant modify it. but at least I made sure it was suitably well specced when i got it so i wouldn't get too bored too quickly.

Saying that i am toying with an ECU Remap to increase the fuel efficiency from the TDCI engine as its easily reversible and not an obvious modification.

The worst part i find is previously there would always be something that needed doing to the car so i would never be bored, but driving a brand new car that you cant modify means i cant do anything to it, so the weekends or time off has to be filled with other stuff :frowning:


Sorry to derail your thread RV, I'm not really into cars, IF I had loads of money I would likely get a convertible Merc, or a Merc jeep and not do anything to it.

BBB, What's the new business?


I have a 2004 Dodge SRT-4.

FWD 2.4 L 4-cylinder w/ stock turbo.

Modifications include 3" catless turbo back exhaust, 3" O2 housing, short ram intake, hot/cold side hard pipes w/ HKS SSQ3 blow off valve, big front mount intercooler, solid engine and transmission mounts, walboro 225 fuel pump, AGP fuel return line kit, AGP fuel pressure regulator, 650cc injectors, MSD coil, MSD spark plug wires, Diablo Sport Trinity tuner, Mopar short throw shifter.

As soon as I get back from deployment, I'm throwing money down for an engine rebuild, tranny rebuild, new axles, new or rebuilt turbo.


I'm going to sell her all together and get my hands on a 2005 Subaru WRX. Not an STi. Just a WRX. Immediate modifcations would include a catless turbo back exhaust and a tune. Boost leak test teh hell out of her and replace the intake system (manifold, throttle body, pipes, bov, intercooler). From there it'd be anyone elses guess. Depending on the necessity of replacement and the cost of parts it could go in a million directions. Also, immediate replacement of all gaskets would occur. And I do mean ALL gaskets.


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I have a 2010 Camaro SS that is currently getting heads, cam, and gears. I already put in a short throw shifter assembly and headers and exhaust on it. I upgraded the trunions in the rocker arms. I have a few other small parts to put on it.

In the next year or so, the stock short block is coming out and something much larger is going in... probably an LS based 441 (in case I ever want to go forced induction) or an LS based 454 or maybe something bigger. All that requires upgraded rearend which will probably be a 9" IRS conversion, LS9X clutch, and then the transmission. All it takes is money... :confused:

The car is black on black with 15% tinted windows. The only shiny things are the 67-69 style "SS" I put on the front and rear and the polished factory wheels. I removed "camaro" from the side and the bowties.