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Anyone Here in the Army or Navy?


What is it like from a soldiers point of view? Is it all the hype your recruiter tells you before you enlist?


Not sure exactly what you are asking, but the military can be a good choice for some. I did five years active duty in the Navy, saw a big chunk of the world, got out and stayed in the reserves. One year away from my 20 now.

I think the Navy is the better choice, but I am biased. However, I was Army National Guard for a few years before going active Navy, so I did go to Army boot camp. I'd say if you would like to reduce your chances of going to Iraq or Afghanistan, choose Navy. Personally, if I had my choice back then I would've joined the Chair Force. They are pussies and all, but they get treated well and get great training.


Clip, do you have a problem with Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard?



I'll tell you the same thing I tell my sister service friends. Does it make you less of man if you prefer to stay in a hotel over a tent? The problem is that each service has it's priorities. The Air Force puts their money in Aerospace Technology and People. Other services push technology and run-down the people. I can't tell you how many times I've had Army, Marine and Navy guys say they were jealous because we were in Hotels or our Bases (posts) are 10X better than theirs.

The military is whatever you make it. The recruiter's job is to get you in and paint a pretty picture. People get disgruntled because it is not what the recruiter said.

In my opinion, research and try to talk to various people in different branches of services. The main question you need to ask, is the question that pertains to a particular job that you want to do. What are the deployments, training time, bases to be stationed? Each job in the military has a different responsibility and place of origin or main base to workout out of.

By the way, if you are going to make fun of the Air Force at least do it right; it's the Cheer Force!:slight_smile: It's all fun and games between the services, but when it comes down to war time, and I've been there, we all pull together and watch each others back. That man or woman next to you on convoy is the only person or group you have and it doesn't matter what service. All you hope for is that person can come protect you or come through for you in times of need as you would come through for him or her.

Good luck in your choice for enlistment. However, if I had to do over, I would have gone to college and joined ROTC to see if you like it. Have the military pay for you education and then come into the service as an Officer. You can join, without commitment, ROTC up to your Sophomore year and then after that it is a committment.

Sgt. Mac


What is it like on a navy ship? Do they have weight rooms with free weights?


I was considering bieng a army or navy firefighter/emt.


No i salute everone in uniform


Yes...the destroyer I was on had a small weight room and had free weights.


I'd suggest going army, as they have the fattest enlistment bonuses.

branch engineer

become a firefighter.

do your shit, get stationed cool places. thank me later.

yes i'm in the army, but i'm a dirty officer, so my opinion doesn't matter much.


Judging by your posts and my 5+ years of being in the Army(Ft. Bragg-legs go home) you would not last 1/2 a fucking minute in basic training.


Beat me to it.

What did the USAF ever do to you?


You get a call. Salman Rushdie is engulfed in flames after a freak "S'mores" making accident.

What do you do?


They just tend to leave alot out is all. I had fun during my time in the army, but the lifestyle got old.


I'm in the Army right now. I'm a 25B which is IT specialist. You do get good training in the military that will help you get a job on the outside. I plan on getting out soon. The military is not bad, as long as you can deal with the BS that comes with it.


Why does it always come down to this? I just asked a fucking question......


Like what kind of bs? Give an example


I was in the Marines, and the recruiter told me pretty straight no shit what it'd be like under the SF umbrela. I went home for home town recruiter duty for 90 days and truthfully, the navy recruiters should all be politicians. Do your homework, because everything the recruiter tells you is most likely blown out of proportion of not true, the decision makers and controllers of doing what you want are at MEP's sitting behind computers, they give your bonuses, they give you your rate/mos


Stop Loss, Needs of the Army, "I have 90 days of leave on the books can I take it" "No we're undermanned, starting next week your standing 48 hour watchs", and the mother of all fuckers is getting stationed in some shithole like Kings Bay, Georgia or Guam. That kind of BS lol


Recruiters are scumbags who will borderline suck your dick to get you to sign up.


Ya, if you talk to one don't give them your real address lol, they will stalk you hahaha.