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Anyone Here in Regina ?


I'm going to be spending 5 weeks in Regina starting in January. Anyone here from Regina? Anyone have any recommendations on a good gym for my stay?


I'm not from Regina, but I've been in a Regina or two.


I live in Regina, but mostly work out at the company fitness center.
The U of R has a nice facility. That's probably were I'd train if work didn't have what I need.
There are also a couple Gold's gyms and a Fitness for $10, but I've never been.


Thanks, I'll check it out.


Regina? Really?

Are you going there willingly?


Not like its Winnipeg, bro.


Yes, willingly.....


If you ever decide to come to Edmonton, I recommend the Kinsmen sports centre!

You're welcome...


Not in Regina now but I was last night.

Hope to get back there soon.


Never been to Regina, but I'm out in Saskatoon every few months with my job. People always rip on the prairie provinces but I actually like it out there - the people are pretty friendly, it's always sunny, and Paddock Wood beer is great stuff!


I love the prairies. :slight_smile:

I used to live just outside Medicine Hat. Beautiful country. And I used to have to drive the hwy between the Hat and Lethbridge all the time, it was single lane then(not sure what it is now) and if you came up behind someone on that hwy they would pull over to the shoulder to give you room to pass. Very nice people.


So you like fucking vacuum cleaners huh?


Kinsmen represent, son.