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Anyone Here Draw


Recently, i've found something out about myself that I never knew.. I like to draw. I've always thought of myself as a horrible artist, and well, I still am, but am now working on drawing. I used to hate it, but when I really decided that I wanted to actually give it a serioud try, i've found it to be very fun. A friend of mine is an extremely good drawer, and he kind of "inspired" me to give it a shot.

Anyways, anyone got any pictures or something of things they have drawn, or do any of you have a job that has to do with drawing? I'm probably thinking way to far into the future, but since i've started drawing i've been considering a career doing something with it; especially thinking about something like a tattoo artist, once i'm good =P.

Anyways, like I said, leave some shots of your work if you have any, i'd like to see what some T-men can do.




Oh man, sorry, never even saw that =P

Thanks a lot =D