Anyone Here Do a High Fat Diet?

I do a high fat diet (sort of a targeted ketogenic diet)and it’s very low carb. I get about 130g of protein a day and it’s about 65% fat. I can tell it’s working pretty well, and I have a lot of energy. Does anyone else follow a diet like this?

I definitely can’t handle the carbs, as I get severe bloating and gain weight easily. I also notice I don’t crave sugar as much. I might experiment with trying more moderate carbs if I decide to compete, to see if I would get more definition.

If your body gets used to functioning n a lower carb diet (high fat, keto, etc), that’s perfectly fine. I will suggest being cautious when adding carbs back into the mix. Your insulin sensitivity will be skewed, and your body will retain water because carbs naturally store more water with them (that’s why people who drop carbs suddenly lose a big chunk of water weight!)


I do it. It’s amazing how many more fat calories vs. carb calories I can eat and not gain weight.
It’s a diet (lifestyle) that I guarantee to my clients will get them to lose weight but unfortunately sugar/carb addictions are so strong that no one seems to be able to make the change.
“I can offer you something that will make you healthier, thinner and possibly live longer, are you interested?”

“No, I’d rather be pudgy, pre-diabetic and die of heart disease in my early sixties!” lol

Best thing i ever did switching to a High Fat/Protein low carb diet… i love at around 8% body fat all year round without evening caring to “diet down”!, when i load carbs my all year around body fat goes up between 13-15% even with as small as 100-125g of carbs a day…

I have done it once, only for ten days on and I dropped 2% bf in that time period, and I cheated a little bit… I am on my 2nd round of it and so far I am doing really well. For the first few days I am really tired and its hard to push through the day, but after that my body gets used to it and I am okay. :slight_smile: I really enjoy this diet it works really well

I did a ketogenic diet with a day-and-a-half carb refeed every week, and I stuck to it for about 2 months. I was at about 65% fat too, and I was eating around an 800-calorie deficit. During that time, I lost about 6kg (~14lb) and kept most of my LBM. I found it surprisingly easy to stick to, although sometimes I would crave carbs reeeally hard-- The first time I had rice after this diet, it tasted like cheesecake!

The two things that were most challenging to me were:

  1. Workouts. It was hard to get in good workouts, and I often had pretty weak pumps, but the day of and after my carb refeed I could get a decent lift in. I’ve heard of people setting new PRs on ketogenic diets, but my strength definitely went down.

  2. Getting ENOUGH calories! The fat was so satiating that it was actually difficult to get enough in. One of the reasons I came off the diet was that I felt like my body was getting used to the low calories and it was slowing my metabolism down.