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Anyone Here Close the CoC #3?

heres me closing number 3

I’m close

I don’t train grippers but, I do have a #3 that I try to close sometimes lol. I can get it pretty close but, I need to order a #1 and #2 (maybe 2.5?) to help me get the rest of the way. I love grip stuff…I’ve just been too cheap to buy the others.

(I have a hg200 I squeeze sometimes but, it’s never much.)

i need a 3.5 cz the 4 im not even close on

im training pinch grip for time with 2 very slippery 25 pound standard plates
as well as dumbell pinchs with 40 pound dumbell for time, trying to move up to 65 as thats the next weight i have in my home gym.