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Anyone Heard of Visalus Supps?


Has anyone herd of Visalus supplements. I have herd some good things just want to know if anyone on this form has tried any of their products. They are suppose to have awesome tasing protein. super low in fat carb s and sodium. as well as may other products.

Any feed back would be appreacatred


I've heard that at its core that company is a gigantic period scheme, which would lead me to believe their products are sub par at best. I've done no independent research to verify this though, so who knows.




They give you periods?


i have a friend that sells it this is how it works:

you pay a few hundred bucks to be part of the team

then you recruit 3 more ppl to be in the team

then they get 3 more people

etc etc etc

and you make more money for the more people that sell stuff and join under you

so eventually your making a lot of money and doing absolutely nothing just the people under you.

one guy i know got into it right away did good and clears i think 5g a month and they gave him a new bmw..

huge pyramid shceme though so yeah...

as for the product, no idea never tried it


Sorry, I've got menstruation on the brain...



My wife ordered some while I was gone, so I didn't get a chance to check it out beforehand. She spent over $200(forget the actual cost), for a one month supply of the protein, fish oil, and one or two other pill bottles. It is supposed to be a weight loss thing, and she stopped partway into it for various reasons. You have to order on autoship to get it that cheap(otherwise it is quite a bit more expensive). SHe cancelled the autoship, before they sent the second month, and then last month, a good 6-7 months after cancelling, they randomly decided to charge us again and ship again. She had to jump through all sorts of hoops to cancel again and get her money back, partially because they were telling her that if the package arrived and she accepted it, then she wouldn't be eligible for a refund. Sign on the front door telling postal/UPS/whoever to return anything from that company solved that problem, and we were able to get our money back.

In a nutshell, stay away.


my godd..... thats bs lol


Sounds like something I could get use to, hahaha


It is soy protein and a pyramid scheme.