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anyone heard of ken mannie?

i was just wondering if anyone has heard of ken mannie and knew if he is a good strength coach.

He is the strength coach at Michigan State University. Supposedly is excluively a High Intensity Training follower. Most people on this board have some strong opinions on this. The fact is, MSU football players haven’t been known to be overly strong or powerful within the Big 10 in recent years

You can tell the type of strength training a football team uses by watching them on T.V. or hearing about them?

A Mich State lineman set the pace at the combine a couple years ago with 37 reps at 225 lbs(…which proves…nothing…).

I’ve been in their weight room and they have many machines, along with squat racks, log bars, safety squat bars, dumbells etc… so, I doubt he is strictly a “Mentzer clone”.

They usually have a pretty good representation in the NFL (which proves…nothing…).

What the heck IS HIT (these days) anyways? I think some so-called HITTERS reduced strength training to the ridiculous, but have moved off that extreme end…

Mannie is extremely well respected in the collegiate ranks.

I am familiar with him and his program and am, well, completely UNDERWHELMED. I’ve seen MSU football players in other gyms employing ridiculously poor form–either he does not know how to train, or is not a good teacher. Also, MSU leads the Big Ten each year in injuries. Last year we had to go far into the depth chart to even field a defensive secondary. Injuries are a sure sign of poor strength and conditioning. Recently a local newspaper bragged about the bench presses of two of our offensive lineman–numbers that wouldn’t even get them a look at, say, Nebraska. From what I’ve heard in inner circles, he has managed to keep his job over the years by employing tactics such as screaming and intimidation. He’s just another example of the embarrassing level of coaching on the MSU football team.