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Anyone Heard of HICA?


I came across a new product from a well-known company and wondered if anyone had heard about the ingredient and its effectiveness. A search on this site produced nothing - maybe that says it all? HICA (Leucic Acid) is being sold in 500mg caps, dosage 3 times a day:

HICA, also known as Leucic Acid, is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine.
Studies suggest that this amino acid can help increase lean body mass and also reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

When muscle cells discover metabolites of Leucine, like HICA, they trigger an automatic response to increase the production of muscle protein as they believe amino acids are being burnt for energy. This means when HICA is present in the muscle, the body may automatically start to step up lean tissue growth.

A 4 week study performed in 2009 found that HICA supplementation significantly increased bodyweight and overall lean body mass, whilst also reducing the sensation of muscle soreness. The most exciting aspect of this study was that it was performed on footballers who were predominantly performing endurance based exercise such as running. Increases in lean body mass are normally associated with resistance training as opposed to endurance training!

HICA is now regarded as a supplement that can increase muscle tissue formation compared to HMB, another Leucine metabolite, which helps reduce the breakdown of existing muscle.


garbage just like HMB, unless it's dirt cheap like Creatine it might have potential, otherwise your wasting your money.