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Anyone Heard of Dean Karnazes

Holy cow, I’m reading the book Ultramarathon man and this guys’ incredible. Check it out - he has run 262 miles (10 marathons nonstop), swam across the San Francisco Bay, run a marathon to the South Pole, mountain-biked for 24-hours straight, surfed the gigantic breakers off Northern California and Maui, and run 146 miles across Death Valley in the middle of summer to the top of Mt. Whitney. On one occasion, Karnazes ran 100 miles all-night to the start of the Napa Valley Marathon, and then completed the marathon in 3:15.

Now this guys a T-man!

yeah, there was a article on him in Runner’s World a few months back. And 60 Mins did a segment on ultra-marathoners and there was a 300 mile race where he came in 2nd place, beaten by a woman, whom I forgot her name, both are exceptional athletes.

Holy crap.

I’m starting to feel welcome here.

Another impressive man is triathlete Mark Allen.