Anyone Heard of Dale Ruplinger?

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eengrms76 wrote:
Has anyone heard of this guy? Anyone know of any good history on him? He was big in the BB world in the early 80’s, even trained with Arnold.

I only ask because he is a trainer at my gym and is pretty cocky. He’s a nice guy and all, but just gets on my nerves…

I have never heard of Dale Ruplinger before your post. What does he do that gets on your nerves? Maybe we can also learn to dislike this guy. Is he a douchebag? Is he curling in the squat-rack? This guy most be bugging the hell out of you to start a thread.

Basically when he’s in the gym the entire place belongs to him. If you are in the middle of a set and he wants to use that machine to train someone, he’ll step in the second you turn your back. Even if you haven’t unloaded the weights yet or even if you aren’t done.

Just irritating.

I don’t know why I started the thread. Maybe hoping someone would have read a story 20 years ago about him getting arrested for banging sheep or something. Something I could use the next time he steps in and takes over. Like- “Get the hell back and wait your turn sheep-banger!” Something like that.[/quote]

That’s too bad. This guy sounds like a real ass and he is probably going to be around awhile. I would treat him like any other guy that stepped on my routine. Tell him to back off because your not finished. What the hell can he do to you, even if he is bigger. Fuck, your a customer at the gym. He should be bending over and kissing your ass, so to speak.

The main reason I carry my leather belt is to tag the equipment I am using, so no one will step in. Just hang-in there and don’t let him upset your workout.

Not only heard of him, he was THE MAN in 1982. No one I admired more than Dale at that time. The guy was massive and pure quality. Lots of great athletes in the 80’s, but Dale sbd Porter Cottrell were my inspirations.

Whoa! Nice way to dig up a 9 year old thread! LOL