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Anyone Heard of Dale Ruplinger?


Has anyone heard of this guy? Anyone know of any good history on him? He was big in the BB world in the early 80's, even trained with Arnold.

I only ask because he is a trainer at my gym and is pretty cocky. He's a nice guy and all, but just gets on my nerves...


He won an IFBB universe about 20 years ago. I remember him training at a gym in Davenport, Ia when I attended Chiropractic college.


He also was in the 1983 Mr. Olympia, but didn't place.


Any pics?


Here's a couple websites I found pictures of him on.




I have never heard of Dale Ruplinger before your post. What does he do that gets on your nerves? Maybe we can also learn to dislike this guy. Is he a douchebag? Is he curling in the squat-rack? This guy most be bugging the hell out of you to start a thread.


Basically when he's in the gym the entire place belongs to him. If you are in the middle of a set and he wants to use that machine to train someone, he'll step in the second you turn your back. Even if you haven't unloaded the weights yet or even if you aren't done.

Just irritating.

I don't know why I started the thread. Maybe hoping someone would have read a story 20 years ago about him getting arrested for banging sheep or something. Something I could use the next time he steps in and takes over. Like- "Get the hell back and wait your turn sheep-banger!" Something like that.


As noble a reason as any! I'll kep digging for you.


I'd still call him a sheep-banger; it'll get his attention.

Or, call him butt-lick. Like, "Hey, butt-lick, I didn't hear you ask for a work-in." After all, he must know Weider if he was in IFBB.


I could see him being like that. After all , he did win the Universe a bazillion years ago, hahahaha.


I hate guys like that.

When I worked at a gym in a small town. Often the members forgot their membership cards and they would just either give you their member number or name.

One day our version of Dale Ruplinger came in without his card. I knew his name and everything but I still came out with "What's your name?"

He replied with...

"Four times Mr Melbourne, 2x Mr Victoria, 2x Mr Australia, 8x Mr Universe competitor, Joe Shmow."

My co-worker piped up with "Huh, that's strange, all we have on the membership database is your name. Would you like the resume put on aswell?"

No comeback from old our Mr Australia.

He then proceeded to go up to the main gym area and do a posing session in peak hour. No training involved at all.


Haha. Funny you should mention that. There are signs up all over the place listing all of his titles. I guess he's just marketing himself, so who can blame him.

Funny it doesn't list Mr. Olympia- maybe because he only placed 12th. I should remind him of that, and then cower away because even in his 50's he's twice my size...


That's great! If he pulls this shit again (just to stay original), pretend to type a name into the computer and say, "hmmm... No, I'm sorry, Mr. Schmo, I'm not showing you in our system" and see how he worms out of that. After all, you're keeping it courteous and going on the info the preening douche gave you, so you shouldn't get into any trouble with management.


Well, his head and neck kind of look like an erect penis with a toupe in this 1982 photo. Perhaps you can work with that?


Shit, I almost forgot! At that Olympia (1983) he did his posing routine to "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. Personally, I really like this song, but you could (just by sheer coincidence, of course) have it ready and start playing it the second he walks into whatever room you happen to be in at the time, like it is his entrance music always following him around. See how long it takes him to catch on. Big fun!




No, but sounds like a bad porno name.


We also had some guy who was an Olympian. Not a big name guy but in that town he was a big name.

He rolled up one day. Same drill again...

Me - "Name please"

Him - "Joe Bloggs"

Me - "That's fine, your names in the computer"

Him - "No you don't understand. The Jo Bloggs"

Like I gave a shit. It's cool that he was an Olympian, but I'm not going to make a fuss over him when he rolls up at the gym.

Pity he lifted like a girl. Not that he needed to for his sport, but he was coming into a hardcore bodybuilding/ PL gym and acting like a tool.

As we sponsored his membership, he gave us a singed picture of himself with his shirt off. 6-2 and 80kg with man boobs. We put that right next to a picture of the owner of the gym in a posedown with Arnold back in the hey day.


I don't understand why people like this get free memberships. It just fuels their egos.

Oh and to above- Eye of the tiger... Classic. I may just have to do that. At least once. You gotta do everything at least once right?


Because the owners know that guys like you will start talking about the former IFBB pro outside of the gym and bring in more clients just out of curiosity.