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Anyone Heard of Adipotide?

Anybody ever hear of Adipotide? It’s got medical research backing it up and supposedly reduces white body fat.

Anyone calling themselves a guru has an ego problem. What the heck is white body fat?
Does this mean a black or brown man can’t use this? haha
I enjoy learning about peptides and take 3 off and on. But I’ve never heard of this one.

There’s brown adipose tissue and apparently white adipose tissue. The article I read showed significant reductions in fat with about 0.5 mg/kg of body weight dose. Pretty reasonable price too. I just wondered if anyone has any knowledge of it

An article on PowerfulHunger doesn’t look too promising.

Are you looking for something to dry out / increase vascularity with or just general body fat loss?

This is actually for my wife. She has a hard time losing weight and I thought this might help

Here’s a more recent article

Have you looked up all the meds she takes. Some can really effect their ability to lose weight.
Something I learned from defy. many drugs can have pos or neg sides. try to find the side of each drug an pict the best. Example SSRI ans SNRI chemical castrate you switch to something like BusPar.
Is buspirone an SSRI?

Buspar may also be used improve symptoms of depression in patients with generalized anxiety disorder. Lexapro and Buspar belong to different drug classes. Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ( SSRI ) antidepressant and Buspar is an anti-anxiety drug.

Have you ever bought her a female hormone blood test? Believe it or not if her T lvl is low her motabilizum(sp?) will not be in gear. Boosting your motabilizum naturally burns fat even while you sleep like when we were young.
Boosting my wifes T changed our lives. Energy mood sex drive all 100% improvements.
Neg. Sides some acne went away on its own.

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I can second this!

Have not done the blood test yet. We did, however, try giving her micro doses of T a couple of years ago. She felt her voice was changing along with some “other changes” and she stopped.

Wow voice change thats big. I would think it would be very easy to take too much. I would think 10mg/wk would be enough and for sure no more than 20mg/wk. SubQ would also slow the adsorbtion.

Two of my peptides say they surpress appetite and one of my sarms. The sarm is an oral making it a lot less of a hassle.
Its CARDARINE GW501516 (GW1516 or GSK-516) 20mg before breakfast washed down with OJ. It also boost endurance and give you a warm fuzzy feeling hard to explain that last side. If you decide to try CARDARINE don’t buy pills or powder only get the liquids.

I’m interested in this but I thought this was shown to promote cancer.

I read that study on mice.

Here’s a good read and video on it. I love this bluecloud site for articles.

This might be a possible approach for your wife.

Have you had her thyroid levels checked? Women tend to have more issues with slowing thyroid than men. My wife was having weight issues and felt sluggish turned out to be her thyroid. Since getting on syntheroid (T4) she had dropped 20 lbs and stays lean.

She is on Synthroid now and just had her T3 and T4 levels checked. I know it sounds like bullshit, but I truly think there is a genetic component involved. Her parents were heavy, her brothers are heavy and her daughter is heavy. They do tend to focus on food but my wife tries to watch what she eats, and she tries to get her “steps in” each day but its really hard for her to see progress.

Nah doesn’t sound like BS. Can’t do anything about your genetics.