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Anyone Hear of This Dr/These Supps?


As well as being a fireman, I train dogs in the sport of Schutzund. I came across this info on a dog breeders web site. Anyone hear of this Dr or supplements?


As the new year starts we are very pleased to offer to serious dog owners some supplements that will have a dramatic impact on your dog. During the last part of 2002 and thru out 2003 we worked with Dr. Ivan Polanski. He is a Russian Chemist that developed the supplements for the Russian Olympic team. His supplements were designed for wrestlers, boxers and track athletes. They need to mimic the effects of Dianabol and Wynstrol.

These are two steriods that are banned by the Olympic Games but have the best impact on the above mentioned athletes. Those who have used those steriods on there dogs know the dramatic increase in performance you can get from these illegal steriods.

The challenge put to Dr Polanski by the Russian Olympic training center was to create a supplement that would mimic those banned steriods yet be legal to use and not have the potential life threatning side effects. After much effort Dr Polanski has created these supplements. They have been used by many professional boxers, pro wrestlers and numerous NHB fighters.

He has now sold his rights for human consumption to a major supplement provider. The results with their customers has been amazing. Now we purchased the rights to for use with the dogs. Dianabol is the steriod that Ben Johnson used and was banned for.

Now we have a US legal version of this supplement. The benefits are dramatic increase in cardio, explosive strength for extended periods of time, dramatic recovery from running hot and a very hard lean muscle without water build up. Our product is called Diano Plus.

The price is $150 and is enough for three dogs for a two week usage (all that is needed). Our next product mimics the effects of Wynstrol. The effects are freak strength. Its name is WinneTwo. Your dog will have that ripped look and cut fat yet maintain optimum balance of muscle, water and improved cardio. The cost of this superior product is $150. This also treats 3 dogs for a two week cycle also. When these two products are combined the effect is dramatic.


Man, there are hundreds of companies out there that sell products intended to mimic what real gear does. I don't know if any of them can really do what they claim (at least now with the prohormone ban here in the US).


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From ESPN.com

" Johnson was stripped of his 100-meter gold medal in 1988 after testing positive for stanozolol."

Stanozolol is Winstrol not Dianabol.

I googled "Ben Johnson steroid test" to get to the ESPN page.

My feeling is that if they can't get this info correct than their product is just a bunch of crap.


Thank you for the info.

Not looking to put my dogs on any AAS... I have only heard of it being use on pit bulls when they are being trained for fighting.
I never have heard of AAS being used for a trained Schutzund dog. Dont see were it would help.... But you never know.



I used to give my pitt bull creatine tabs. I hooked him up to a pulley while he ate and had him suspend up to 75lbs by harness. He got huge!!! My vet asked me if I was giving him steroids.


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