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Anyone Hear of Pumpkin Seed Oil?


Hi Guys,

I come from Austria and we have a region that is famous for its pumpkin seed oil. It's a dark green and very thick oil, with a pretty intense taste. Most people love it on salads, however it is not good for cooking (turns bitter).

I looked up the nutritional stats, and this looks to be a real winner to me. It is pressed cold and only once, like extra virgin olive oil.

100 g of it cointain:

35g of Protein
6g of saturated fat
20g of mono-unsaturated fat
33g of double-unsaturated fat
2g of triple-unsaturated fat

Looks pretty good, no? Anybody have some experiences with it?



here in Canada it's pretty common in caps as a "natural" way of treating prostate conditions; such as swelling...
My father used pumpkin seed oil for a long time, but he eventually had to get operated.

I haven't seen it bottled for everyday consumption though.



Yup pretty good profile and yes good on salads and even in shakes. I like the taste. Nothing magic just another good way to get some PUFA's and MUFA's


I just moved to the states from Germany and we used to get it at Aldi for about 6 euros a bottle (4 on sale). It really is the best tasting oil. The cheapest bottle I've found here in the states was about 18 dollars at a whole food store.


I read that pumpkin seeds contain phytoestrogens (after I ate a huge load of them grr). I'm not sure if it's as bad as soy, but if it is...im going to stay away from them.


I would like to know if that is true. I take pumpkin seed capsules becuase I heard it is supposed to have herbal viagra like benefits, but if it is loaded with phytoestrogens, then what gives?


why does the oil contain protein? shoudln't it contain only fat?


im actually taking something called Omega Nutrition - Essential Balance - 2-6-9 right now

it's made of flax oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and extra virgin olive oil.

in 1 teaspoon it has;

120 calories

14g of fat
-2g saturated
-4g omega3
-4g omega6
-4g monounsaturated

0 carbs
0 protein

vitamin e 20% daily intake


your capsules would be just the oil so no it shouldnt have the phytoestrogens.

Much like flax the seeds may but the effect they may have, well the jury is still out much like flax seeds, they have phytoestrognes as well.

Dont live off them, moderation and you should be fine. If you aim to delete ALL phytoestrogens from your diet, well GOOD LUCK.


Steirisches Kürbiskernöl... definitely a good choice.

In addition to what has been said already, I'd recommend not heating it in order to protect the ingredients. In my experience, heating doesn't necessarily spoil the taste, but it is said to derogate many of the healthy aspects.