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Anyone Hear of Mypharmashop?


Has anyone heard anything about these guys? I searched and didn't come up with anything. Thanks for the input..


They are bogus. Three months ago I looked for an online to make my first internet purchase. I went through like 8 different sites till i realized they all had the same billing and shipping info, right down to the spelling errors.

If you want to try one, I used Eurobolics.com. It took a week and a half, came to my PO box, they accepted VISA, and it was that simple. I would use them again. Good luck, don;t blow 500 bucks on a long shot, look in the forums, I'm sure many others agree.


the blind leading the blind....




This is the reason AAS are illegal. There is a lack of common sense and a lack of informed individuals.

Guys... don't do it. Pick up last Monday's newspaper and you'll see why.


Are you saying that we shouldn't do AAS? Or that I shouldn't order from these people. As far as that goes I have decided that I need to wait before starting a cycle.



think before you order man. being stupid is just how you get caught. or mess yourself up


I was referring to ordering online. I would advise waiting quite some time to see who is still around and who isn't, and to get RECENT feedback on sources. I wouldn't advise ordering from an open online source anyway, but if that's all you've got then I would suggest the advice I just gave.


Thanks Schwarzenegger, I appreciate the advice. I will wait for a while before doing anything. I also need to figure out what I'm gonna use first.