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Anyone Hear of Chromeo?


Any one heard of em? My sister just told me about them, They have some pretty catchy tracks. You're so gansta and openin up are some good ones, Oh tenderoni is cool too.



Yeah, they're not bad. Most of their tracks sound the same though, and that sound is like "Rejected cuts from Thriller."


They are pretty cool but not that cool. I think some of it sounds a tad cheesy, but maybe its supposed to be ironic or something.


Yeah, I got into them a couple of years ago. They've done some good stuff, although a lot of it does same sound similar. There used to be a mix that you could download on there website for free- worth checking out.


Electro Funk at its best, that stuff is so catchy.

If you like Chromeo, you might also like Justice :

It's not exactly the same thing as Chromeo, as this is more like french house (like daft punk), but this is also really funky/catchy.


chromeo justice, yeah those guys have been around a bit. british dudes i presume


No, Chromeo are Canadian and Justice are French.


Yeah i've heard of them too, don't listen to them much anymore though.

Have to say Fancy Footwork was a cool song