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Anyone Headed to the Derby?

The Ky Derby is today. Being from Ky, it’s a pretty big deal around here. Is anybody here going or have been?

My wife and I went a couple of years ago. Best event I’ve ever attended.

It is fun. But there are so many people.

I’ve been to the Belmont Stakes twice, always wanted to go to the Ky derby. I hear it’s awesome. My eldest kid’s godfather is actually the son of a 3 time Ky derby winner, haha.

We only care about the Preakness round these parts.

The outcome made me sad. There were really no winners in this one.

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Yeah the disqualification is certainly a shocker. It cost me some money for sure.

The guy who accidentally made a drunken bet on the 65:1 horse and won $133,000 seems to have done OK.