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Anyone Have Thic Calorie Dilemma?


i'm 5'10 220 lbs 15% bf. always been stocky with a lot of muscle, a natural mesomorph. i'm not sure if this a "problem" or not but i'm curious to know if anyone else experiences this. i'm currently bulking as most of us BBer's are and almost every online calculator/piece of literature has said for my height/weight/physical activity i should eat over 5000 calories just to maintain my weight...

here's the thing, this summer i was cutting, eating around 2000-2500 calories a day..and gaining weight. at the time i was doing my summer workout/conditiioning for my football program (division 1 tailback at the time) so i was burning a TON of cals and eating the aforementioned number of calories and gaining about 1.5-2 lbs a week. how is this possible? it's like my body soaks up everything i put into my body. i was eating at least a gram of protein everyday and consuming carbs before/after workouts ONLY. yet, still gained muscle.

has anyone else every experienced something like this?


I test drove the anabolic diet for about a month, and at maintenance calories (3600 cals/day, 6' 200ish), watched my weight go up and down a few pounds during the week, even at the beginning when I was having trouble getting all of my cals in. The last week I was on it, I gained a half pound per day through the end of the week.


yeah so what im saying is, how the hell do i cut? starve myself? ha


I hear clenbuterol is good for the cut


why the hell would you want to cut if you were putting on muscle? makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


is that so?


i would guess you really underestimated how many cals you were eating...

do you weigh your food? what do you typically eat?


...i want to lose weight when i want to cut. that makes perfect sense. and i counting calories.


YES! and you are correct in doing so BUT that seems very odd if you were doing foot ball workouts every day on top of lifting at 2000-2500 calories per day and gained weight...

so my guess would be you were eating more calories than you thought... or you have a hormonal issue - highly unlikely but possible


If this is legit, you have favorable genetics for putting on muscle or you severely underestimated your calories. Or both.


...i counted calories. i'm not retarded haha. after the first 2 months of eating foods i thought "this can't be right" so i ended up eating like 4 shakes a day and 2 solid meals...again..counting every calorie...and in that month i gained 2.5 lbs. i was lifting 4 days a week and running intensley 6 days a week.

i guess no one can shine in on similiar experience? again, i've always been extremely muscular. my body fat is higher than normal because i'm dirty bulking right now, but it's around 12 year round and i'm 5'10 220.


i suppose i would rephrase my question... whats the cut for? typically those gaining LBM don't look to lose weight..


So, year round you're 12% bf at 220, but now you're 15% bf at 220? Sounds like you lost muscle and gained fat dude.


how are you figuring out your % body fat? and if you were gaining weight on 2000-2500 cals/day with that amount of activity and assuming your maintenance cals are truly 5k then I would say the weight you were gaining at the time was fat, not muscle.


If you are counting your calories like you figuring your BF than there is your problem. You are doing very well estimating your BF since you have all of a sudden dropped quite a bit of LBM and gained a bunch of fat.

When you count calories are you eye balling things? Measure it and i bet you will be suprised at how much you are consuming


like i said before, how do you count your calories?

if you're eating rice do you measure it out with measuring cups before hand? stuff like that


This is not uncommon in gifted males up to 22 or 23 years of age with the right stimulation. It is a rare thing that is usually not recognized at the time, and therfore not exploited to it's full potential(from a strength & bodybuilding perspective). I don't know your age or your goals, but I wouldn't do any serious cutting while I was in a groove like the one you describe.


wait a sec... were you gaining fat or muscle during that time?