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Anyone Have Their Metabolism Tested?


Not using an equation, but an actual test? Just curious to how I compare.

5'8" 170 lbs 14% BF

RMR= 2220 cals/day


you can't "test" your metabolism through your stats unless you do plug it into the equation. usually metabolic tests are done through a small machine you breathe into.


Christ, if I ate only 2200cals I would be shaking all day.


that's what I used. I was just posting my stats to give some kind of idea of my build.

and that's just my RMR with activity and exercise it goes to around 3900 cals/day


The test is really simple. You just breath into a tube for 15minutes. At 5'11, 210, 16%bf my rmr is 2900 and with my lifestyle I burn around 4050 a day...how awsome is that. just starting a cutting program now, going for 2lbs a week i know exactly how much I should eat now. Wish I would have taken the test 2 years ago before I started training.


Where do you get those tests?

I think I have slow metabolism. Ate bad for years.


I'm a trainer, so I just bought one to use for my clients, but I wanted to try it on myself first, and of course play with my new toy, lol.

Look for a place that offers metabolic testing near you.




Too expensive, try to find a gym that will test you.


Are these tests "accurate".

IE. Someone checked what the machine put out against their diet and lifestyle and it was "close"?

Sounds like a dream if something could accurately track your metabolism.


As with most things there will be some error, but from the study blurbs I've read, it's darn close. Of course it only measures RMR, so you still have to use equations to figure out daily activity along with exercise.


Too expensive, try to find a gym that will test you.


The hell with a gym, go to a university that has an exercise science/physiology department and let the lab students figure out your RMR for free. A legit RMR tests needs to be done first thing in the morning, before any food/coffee is ingested. For a more difinitive answer they can also figure out your RQ (actually, non-protein RQ would be more accurate) so you can see exactly what percentage of fats, proteins, and carbs your body burns at rest.


I took one some time ago and it said I needed 4,500 calories.
I was laughing my ass off because I eat about 6,000 a day.


ok, not sure what you mean. Those devices from my knowledge only measure your RMR. Which did you use, something like the bodygem, or did you go to a university and they did it all for you?


You are confused because you give credit where it is not due.


That would be cool if you could hook it up so you're breathing into it for a whole week, or at least a whole day and get your actual metabolic rate.

You could compare lifting days to off days to cardio days.