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Anyone Have the Cheap Yoke from Strengthshop?

Does anyone have the cheap yoke from strengthshop?
It usually is sold for 300 € but I could probably get one for 150 € used.

Now it is very light empty and I don’t know about the quality. Then again I won’t be able to use huge weights for now.

Should I get it for this price? I am on a low budget.

I don’t have that yoke, but I’ve used cheap yokes before. At that price, it’s worth it. Practice on a yoke is simply something you can’t replicate with other equipment.

I’ve never used an actual yoke before, but this homemade chain yoke I have is quite humbling…and really cheap!

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Yeah I have done m first yoke walk yesterday and I was kind of shocked how difficult and weird it is.

Seems like an option as well. Right now I am leaning towards buying the yoke though. 150€ really isn’t bad. Can also be used as a rack.

Thanks anyway man

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Ah damn I missed the offer. So it either is a chain yoke or I am simply going to wait for another good opportunity. I don’t really have the money for a new one right now.

Strengthshop just added a slightly used one for 190€ today if you’re interested.

Thanks man. Placed my order.

I am pleased so far. I definitely recommend getting “b-ware” stuff. Wouldn’t have thought that this was not new. Except for the missing catchers. I won’t use this as a rack anyway so I don’t care.
So far I haven’t gone heavy but it does the job.