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Anyone Have the Big Beyond Belief Ebook?


....or know where to get it. I have read it refrenced here a bunch....so I am intrigued.


yeah kinda hard to read with the zoom in and zoom out..pretty annoying. I actually always have it open in a link beside T-Nation website so here it is.


Lol T-Nations Super-program is going to get buried by BBB LOL


Click the Full Screen Button on the bottom right of the slideshow..... and then if you want next page on full screen go to the right hand side of the page and you will be able to click next page !


yes do as SmalltoBig says lol I was scrolling through the book inthe small view and zooming in and out to read it. I was goin crazy from it haha
Luckly my man STB pointed me in the right direction of FULL SCREEN.
Hell i was wonderin why I can't view the full thing..STB thanks for savni me the cash.


No bothers :wink:


kinda tests ur faith when they mention that slow//fast twitch muscle fibres have nothing to do with body building, if i'm right in thinking that "red" and "white" muscle fibres are those two