Anyone Have Sirius?

Howard Stern/Bubba the Love Sponge/Scotty Ferrall

No, but I’m in Tampa Bay. Bubba (Todd) broadcast here in town for years and had been fired and re-hired a few times. Clear-channel recently changed his morning show to “lex & Terry” out of Dallas.

He recently just got back on the air for them.

No I don’t (yet), but my brother does, and whenever we’re both in town, he gets stuck driving everywhere so I can listen to some Howard.

Bubba Army represent!

I’m also a huge Howard fan.

I have a Stilleto. It kicks rear!!!

I listen to Howard online every morning at work.

I r listen stern

mekes me smrtr

I have Sirius, Hard Attack and Howard 100 rule

Ron & Fez FTW.

I’m a bigger fan of the Jason Ellis Show than Howard’s.

Young Ellis has a great show, you hear the LL interview the other day?

Oh and Nedly Mandingo > Lasker.

Yes everyone buy Siri, only greater things to come since the merger with XM. Once local stations are part of the package I believe it will gain more popularity.

Imagine driving cross country and listening to your favorite station.