Anyone Have Shortness of Breath/Shallow Breathing on TRT?

Does or has anyone else experienced a shortness of breath while on TRT? Would lowering my dose help? All my vitals are good to go. It seems the same whether I am injecting 100mg E3.5D or 50mg EOD.

The causes are many, without labs we cannot help. I think the reason for your breathing problems are related to your previous testing.

Are you saying it’s the elevated E2 that could be causing it?

I am, I’ve experience this myself and it was high estrogen.

Ok, I tried 50mg EOD for 7 weeks hoping it would keep my E2 in check without taking an AI but that didn’t work. My E2 climbed to 9.

Your protocol are a little overly aggressive, it’s why you are having problems.

The clinic started me on the high dose saying I needed it because my SHBG was 65. I was thinking of backing my dose down to 80mg E3.5D. Or should I try less than that?

SHBG alone doesn’t determine TRT dosing, it all depends on how sensitive your HPTA is to testosterone. Your dosing is still to aggressive, try 60mg twice weekly.

I get shortness of breath and shallow breathing when my hematocrit is high.

Hematocrit has been good. I have been donating blood every 8 weeks too. Hopefully it’s high high E2 and I can get that down with the least amount of AI as possible. Everytime I take some my joints hurt especially my knees

Keep a close eye on your ferritin, donating blood too often could see ferritin low.

Ok will do

That’s one of the symptoms I felt when my E2 was too low.