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Anyone Have Results on 25mg Anadrol?

Cycle is 600 test and 600 deca… wanting to add anadrol. Thinking of going low like 25 mg.
Anyone have results off a low level? Also can this be run 8 weeks?

Wow those are some high ass doses

Not sure, I’ve looked at clinical data regarding anadrol and it doesn’t seem to be all that great

I mean in elderly men, 50mg per DAY only increased lbm by 3.3 kg… after 12 weeks of continuous use

Doesn’t seem to be as harsh as many make it out to be either… small but statistically significant elevations in liver enzymes occurred, HDL dropped a bit (nothing compared to var or winny), LDL increased… appears to be very potent in regard to stimulating erythropoiesis

Other studies indicate even lesser increments in LBM… anecdotes appear to indicate the compound is harsh… but that’s because everyone decides to use like 100-150mg per day

I’d doubt (given results in medical literature), that the oral bioavailability is 100%

25mg will give a boost in strength, lean mass etc… but you’re lipids will take a bit of a hit… more so than with test/deca alone, but according to literature the effect on lipids doesn’t surpass that of 20mg var daily

The carcinogenicity of the compound furthermore surpasses that of most c17aa orals. Very little data exists regarding the pharmacodynamics of the compound either, we don’t know what the half life is… why it has the ability to promote extensive water retention etc

100mg daily for 24 wks

(download the full text) unspecified dosage of oxymetholone, effect on blood lipids in male bodybuilders…


Effect of oxymetholone on elderly men (12 wks, 50-100mg daily)

None of these studies look at cardiac parameters however

Well 3.3 kg in elderly men who didn’t diet or train, to me, is a decent gain.

Here’s where I’m coming from on this. I would have never tried anadrol before, but there is a clinic that scripted it to me. Hard to pass up legal, legit drol. Wanted to try it once in my life.

Here’s the plan, on week 6 of test deca as above. Plan is 8 more weeks plus 25 mg anadrol. I’m 41, and this will be my last blast for a long long time, hopefully ever. Going for health after (just trt, plant based diet, cardio etc). But I’m tired of looking scrawny so I wanted one last bulk, then maintain with my trt. May sound crazy and blast may seem insane but it’s hopefully my last go at it. 41 now, 5 kids, great wife, high paying job etc…

So one last party… my whole life I wanted to look like a BB ever since watching flex magazine workout 20 years ago on ESPN, so this maybe my last chance to look anywhere near a BB.

WhAt… did they also script 600 test 600 deca… my email is in my bio… if you were scripted for recreational purposes I’d be very interested in going to this clinic myself lol… what’s the minimum age to visit this clinic?

Ehhh, a lot of that comes down to genetics unfortunately, you’ve either got it or ya don’t… look at Boston Lloyd, all the gear in the world won’t turn you into Phil Heath if you don’t have top tier genetics…

So my doses are high but you want the clinic name? lol
They literally gave me 3 vials of deca and you can order more in 10 weeks…: it’s costly though, 240 a vial but for me it’s worth it.

Your thoughts about my last 8 weeks? Am I crazy?

I do enjoy anadrol about 2 hours pre workout. When I run it I pulse it. Like 4x a week. More pumps, a little energy boost. I let my injections do the mass building, and use orals for gym fun.

My liver values didn’t budge using 50mg 3-4x per week for 3 weeks. I was also on TUDCA though.

I do want the clinic name… (emailed) for the exact reason that the dosages are high…

If I could get 1-200mg deca/wk scripted to me it’d be a dream come true… or anadrol… holy shit that’d be awesome to try for 2-3 weeks at 25mg daily… under the excuse of “bUt I hAvE a PrEsCrIpTiOn”

Certainly Wouldn’t take anadrol now though (or without a prescription because honestly it’s not high up on my list), not until I’m fully healed up, I get the feeling such rapid strength gain would make my current injury exponentially worse

Thomas O Connor mentioned this on his youtube channel, powerlifters pulsing orals 2-3x weekly (high dose)… minimal impact on bloodwork, strength increase still present

What state is your clinic located in?

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So your like me, i would never do anadrol but since I have a legal script for it, I feel like I have to! lol
Plan is 8 weeks at 25 mg, check labs half way through, on top of test and deca. All scribed. Crazy.

Clinic won’t ship internationally, so not sure if I can help.

Offices in Texas and Kentucky and Florida

You mind emailing me their contact info?

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Me too… can I have the clinic deets?

Can y’all pm me?

No, but our emails are in our profile descriptions… if you want you can create a quick anonymous email using proton mail or tutanota, put it in you’re profile bio and I’ll certainly send you a message lol

I don’t know when I’ll be in America next… my cousin looks as if she’ll tie the knot within the next year… so that’ll probably be my next trip, I’ll certainly be going down to one of these clinics lol… if I could get my 100mg deca/wk prescribed to me it’d be fantastic

I’d probably even try anadrol for a week or two if I had it on script… at like 12.5-25mg daily… but thats not high on my list of things to do

My email is in my profile description, click on my profile, it’s there

As @unreal24278 said you can click our profile and see my gmail. I’m in FL so I could easily use that clinic.

12.5 mg of anadrol for a week or two? Would that even do anything?

Unsure, but I tend to be very conservative… it’s like the equivalent (given test e is 70mg/100mg pure test) of taking an extra 125mg weekly (albeit more potent) so say perhaps adding an extra 175mg weekly

Can I just list clinic on here?

I just checked the prices on Good RX. Holy moly and I thought Var was pricey. Are you going to be able to get it even from a compounding pharmacy without a second mortgage?

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