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Anyone Have Multiple Shoulder Surgeries?

Anyone here have more than a couple shoulder surgeries and come out successful?

I had surgery for partial rotator cuff tear and partial labrum tear 10 yrs ago. It only involved debridement and shaving down the acromion bone. Dr told me I will eventually fully tear it since I will always continue to work out. And he was right.

A year and a half ago had surgery to repair full tear ( that I was dealing with for a year or so and still working out) plus 2 labrum tears (which he couldn’t repair cause they were frayed, only cleaned up) and he also performed a tenodeses for torn bicep. Five anchors total. Then I wound up partially tearing it again 4th week into my recovery while at rehab.

Been dealing with it for a year and still working out but improvising using high reps, slow eccentrics, pre exhaust and other techniques etc since I can’t push any real heavy weight and basically back to where I as before surgery and maybe even worse.

Trying to see if third surgery is a charm. Anyone with multiple tries at it and come out good?
I haven’t been back to Dr. since re tearing it and was just wondering if it’s worth it or possible to repair it. I can’t accept living like this as far as working out is concerned but I want to be realistic about my chances of success. Don’t want to go through that pain and hassle again for nothing. I’m about 60 % strength level on pressing exercises and will never get beyond that which is roughly where I was pre surgery.


@studhammer has had multiple surgeries.

I’m in a similar boat. I didn’t tear my biceps tendon but it was coming out of the groove so biceps tenodesis was the answer. That was June 5th. I haven’t recovered fully and had an MRI on Dec 20th. I now have a longitudinal split tear in my biceps tendon, a torn infraspinatus, and possible torn labrum. I haven’t had an acute injury and have no idea how I caused this new damage.

How’d you reinjure yours in PT?

I’ve had 3 separate rotator cuff surgeries, each from individual injuries. The first on my left in 2002, the second on my right in 2015, and the third on my left again in January 2019.

So, yes, in my opinion multiple surgeries are worth it. Like you said, you can’t live without full use of your shoulder. If you look at other posts I’ve made, I have completely changed my outlook on lifting heavy now, especially on pressing movements. BTW, I’m 54 and blasting and cruising and running GH now at 3 iu for almost a year. The GH has helped tremendously and really sped up my healing post-op.

I would absolutely get it in your situation. Do you know what they would do for the labrum? I had a bankart repair long ago to repair a torn labrum, then tore it again a couple years back. I neglected to get the latarjet repair done at the time and really regret it. If your labrum is torn, typically the rotary cuff and other surrounding muscles have to make up the lacking stability. If you have both of those departments compromised, I would definitely do surgery.

Yes I re tore it during the PT session. It was simple passive range of motion that she was doing on me while I kept my arm limp to not activate anything. She was simultaneously massaging scar tissue and I felt it immediately. I knew right away. Coincidentally I get pain in the bicep tendon too now just like before. Not sure why. My infraspinatus was also partially torn originally with complete tear of supraspinatus.

Yeah I’ll probably go back under the knife thanks. I’m pushing 59 this summer and been training non stop since I was 12 with hardly any layoffs other than surgery. I also have a different outlook on heavy lifting but I also can’t accept being stuck with 60lb dumbbell presses for rest of my life lol. Been contemplating TRT for awhile now. I keep putting it off until I really think its absolutely necessary

Not sure if they can repair the labrum tears because from what I understand they weren’t torn off bone but torn at top. If that make sense.

You owe it to yourself to at least get a comprehensive hormone panel. Believe me when I say, you don’t know how bad you feel until you feel at optimal levels.

Edit: After looking at your profile pic, you are rare at your age to be that lean and muscular. You may not need it after all. Get the blood work though

Thanks for compliments. That pic is from my 50th but I’m pretty much the same. I been at this game long time, lots of experience in knowing what works for me.

I actually have always done numerous extensive panels over the years for hormones and other health markers. Been on the low normal end ( around the 450 range) for many years but I feel pretty good. I have done prohormones when they were legal limited to 6-8 weeks in final phase of cutting cycles only ( like Lee Priest lol but for real), and I did feel much better. More energy more libido etc, like I was 21 again. So I’m guessing TRT would help.

Ah ok, good that it’s more fraying than separation, hopefully less of an impact than if it was separating. What I said earlier probably isn’t relevant. I’d just say go for at least 2 opinions, and try your damndest to find shoulder specialists associated with any kind of local collegiate or professional teams (just not the kind that specialize in putting old people back together).