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Anyone Have Feedback on Bio TS400?


Hey guys starting a blend Called Bio TS400 going to run it at 400mg E5D.

Blend consists of:

Testosterone Decaanoate 200mg
Testosterone Isocaproate 30mg
Testosterone Phenylpropionate 40mg
Testosterone Propionate 30mg
Testosterone Cypionate 50mg
Testosterone Enanthate 50mg

Does anyone have suggestions or feedback that has used this? All posts I found were 3 years old and never were answered. Is E5D ok or should I do E3D?

Thank you


EOD would actually be better for maintaining consistent blood levels I think, given that prop is one of the components. But E3D wouldn't be much different.

Why are you using this product though? Why would a person prefer this over other options?


My main reason is the cost effectiveness. All the tests available are the same price for the 10ml from the vendor so wether its test e 200, sust 250, or test 400. Just more bang for the buck.


dude, that stuff sucks.

the deca ester is about 2 weeks half life. the enanthate, cyp and iso are all about 5 days, the phenyl is about 2-3 days and the prop is less than a day....

multi-blend esters are really only worthwhile for TRT/cruises....


if that was dosed more heavily on the short and mid-esters, then i'd say it was more worthwhile...