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Anyone Have Experience with Tribulis?


Has anyone had experience with this supplement? I've heard very mixed reviews from other personal trainers and gym members. Does it affect your natural production of testosterone?

Thanks for any feedback.


Works well for me.

Both times I've had before and after blood tests with TRIBEX I've seen approximately a 200 point increase in T.


I'd like to get my T-levels calculated, how expensive is it?


Was only $20 out of pocket for me since insurance paid a portion.

I imagine it varies by location, however.


It increases natural production... Stimulates the brain to release more LH hormone, which then stimulates testes to release more test.

Everyone is effected differently, just like every other supplement :slight_smile:


Didn't really notice much when I took it. I took it when I was 23 just plain, didn't really notice much.


Was your diet and training consistent?

I would imagine extra T would have to do something.


How much extra T though? If you want extra T that is enough to build more muscle then you're going to have inject it.

A trib product may help you in the bedroom or on a cut but other than that I think it's a waste of cash.


That's a ridiculous claim.

A 200 ng/dL boost may not be on the same level as taking Test, but it made a noticeable difference in my ability to build muscle and get leaner.

It works for me, just don't expect steroid-like gains.