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Anyone Have Experience With Ropinirole (Requip) For Libido?

Anyone? Thinking about trying this. I know it’s prescribed off label for sexual dysfunction.

I mean, dopamine agonists have a place in medicine, but it’s a stretch to use them for low libido. They’re not the type of drugs you want to have to use daily. The reason the brutal side effects are tolerated is because Parkinson’s is worse. But if you’re otherwise healthy then how badly are you itching to sign up for nausea, dyskinesia, and hallucinations?

I’d swap those items for finally have a libido anyday of the week.

What about being physically dependent on the drugs for the rest of your life? Is that something you’re comfortable with? If so then it’s worth exploring, although caber is probably a better starting point.

I’ll have prolactin tested.