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Anyone Have Experience with Injectable Dbol?

Anyone have experience with injectable Dbol?

Only read about it. Seems like a hassle since the oral is highly bioavailable and effective. Just one more needle to worry about every day.

I ran a short cycle with IM Dbol a couple months ago and was pleased with it.

Do you guys think Tbol is just as good as mass gain as Dbol?


Probably not, the glycogen retention, aromatising properties (estrogen has anabolic properties… Shocker), water weight gain (thus potentially allowing you to lift heavier weights because you’re heavier) etc over duration of use will probs add up to Dbol being the better mass gainer

Its like comparing clostebol to test, an equiv dose of clostebol will not be as anabolic as an equiv dose of test.

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Thank you for your input. Always welcome.

Interesting. Im currently on Tbol as i do with all kickstarter to every cycle. Strength is up but scale isnt moving. Although i am trying to keep this cycle as dry as possible.

Sorry about the thread hijack OP.


I wish I could take tbol because it’s kind of the perfect compound for my overall goals. Alas, I get brutal migraines from it.

What are your overall goals? Just strength? Because thats all I get off it.


Size, i have no lb goal just going to see how much size i can put on.