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Anyone Have Experience with IBC?

Hey guys, does anyone have any experience with IBC (Infinite Banking Concept)? The founder was Nelson Nash and it is pretty much setting up your own “Bank” with dividend-paying whole life insurance. The agent I am working with is saying it is a great retirement fund but I am on the fence with stopping my 457/401k account.

I don’t but whole life insurance is generally not a great investment class (unless you’re selling it). Please do your due diligence.

Maybe, but I don’t know of a Nelson Nash

I wouldn’t do that, but I did a smaller dividend-paying whole life insurance policy than what the guy selling it to me was recommending. Glad I did, for now, fwiw.

Edit: mostly glad because of the dying part. It’s not a GREAT investment for retirement, it might be an okay investment if it’s set up abnormally. Mostly it makes the thought of dying a lot less unpleasant