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Anyone Have Experience with DIM?

Can DIM crash e2? Ive been off trt for 6 months and got bloods. My e2 is 18 pg/ml. Total test is near 700 ng/dl and free test is low/shbg is high. I was hoping to take something to lower my shbg and raise my free t. Took an otc test booster which has stinging nettle and boron. It also has 300 mg of DIM. I wasnt aware of its function, but just learned that it is used to lower estrogen. My e2 is only 18 pg/ml so im afraid of crashing it. Anyone have experience with DIM?

I’d stay away from DIM. Yes, it can absolutely crush Estradiol. It happened to me and it was awful.
Also, DIM is an anti-androgen and can block the mTOR pathway as well. It is not something men should be taking. It is great for women though.

Yikes. Did you bounce back quickly?

Why do you want to do this? Are you having symptoms of low T/high E2? Why did you stop trt?

No. Crashed Estradiol takes several weeks to slowly come back up when not on TRT/AAS.
Take Ashwagandha instead, it helps the body through multiple mechanisms.

Do not attempt to alter SHBG beyond normal means such as fat loss/liver support. You may have a genetic component to it being high.

low sex drive and low Free T

When you were taking DIM, did you get bloodwork ?

were you also using an AI?

Then why did you stop trt? That should help with sex drive. If not, maybe your protocol wasn’t optimal.

because its a life long commitment and Id rather exhaust all options before being dependent on a pharmacy until my deathbed.

I was only on for 3 months

It’s a futile cause my dude. Unless you have some deep underlying cause for your low free t/high SHBG, you’re just prolonging the inevitable.

You’ll be back here soon enough discussing your protocol, working on being optimized.

We’ll be happy to help when that day comes.

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Dude, DIM is extract from vegetables that are extremely healthy.

There is nothing harmful in that either in men or women. Again with everything in life dose makes the poison

It does Inhibit mTor and It does block androgen receptors. We just don’t know where and how much. I’m on it now. I’ll test it out at the gym and report back. It will be a good experiment as I’ve been out of the gym for 5 months. I suggest others to test it out out. See if your gains are stopped. If it fully blocks mTor you will not gain any muscle.

It cannot fully block mTor and there are alternatives to this mechanism that has some harmful effect as well.
Metformin also blocks mTor but people on Metformin can gain muscle. I’ve gained a lot of muscle in the shoulders and arms since I started metformin a few months ago

Solanine can be extracted from tomatoes, which are extremely healthy. Solanine is not healthy.

This is a dangerous blanket statement.

@jiujitsu321 I would recommend reading as much as you can from this forum before making a decision as to how to handle your issues. People here are usually very good at calling out bullshit, you simply have to figure out who you should listen to.


Maybe so. But worth a shot

I have strange reactions to taking DIM. I started a new protocol and was getting very agitated and feeling hot all over, so I was told to try DIM and if not that then I micro dose of ai. So I tried 100 mg of DIM, it made the mood stable and hot flashes stop but the more I stayed on it, my libido went away totally and I started to get really tired on the days that I took it. I tried splitting it up where I take 50 two times a day but eventually I start to get tired and lose my libido but i really does make my agitation, nervousness and mood stable. So I have no clue what to make of it. I’d rather take as many natural stuff than add-on more medications.

Ive heard people claiming DIm crashes their estrogens