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Anyone Have Any Success with Tamoxifen Restart or as TRT?

Been down the trt and clomid route and both had negative sides for me to pursue any further, so I’m looking for any personal stories from guys who have used tamoxifen as trt or even for a month and came off with higher levels afterwards

What kind of.negative side effects did you get from TRT? I wonder if most of the guys that quit because of side effects didnt need treatment in the first place. Just doesnt make sense. The way that I felt.before TRT i think i could deal with an side effects T throws my way.

I think there are a few threads on clomid monotherapy, but haven’t seen any on Nolva, but I am curious.

So, @jimmy401, he asked about tamoxifen and you completely derailed it by bringing up sides.

Maybe spelling and grammar are not your problem - maybe comprehension is a challenge for you as well.

Did you not understand the bet I offered you? If you have a problem with reading, I can spell it out for you.

You clearly have nothing going on in your life and if this is one of your main priorities in life thats pretty sad. I however have a job and 3 kids. I honestly could only be bothered to read about 2 sentences of your last few time wasters. Its sad really. So yeah whatever nonsense bet you are speaking of please do spell it out. Just know that I will not be dragged into any bullshit. As far as dispensing medical advice on the first thread you attacked me on, I would never expect someone to take me word or anyones word from here as gospel. However when 90% of the populace here is all saying the same thing from experience and otherwise, one would think the intelligent thing to do.would be to at least furthur investigate and give it some consideration. Concerning Defy. No one here is getting paid to advertise for them. You know why? Because they are convenient and highly effective. There is no bullshit you know what you are getting when you contact them. If im not mistaken you said you stopped TRT to return to baseline? So now you are miserable and what? Going to tell others to join you. Take 25mg a week? Put off treatment to investigate the all elusive cause? Which most likely will not be found and only serve to offer false hope and the eventual let down, then resentment for all the wasted time.

Have you read Faulkner?

As far as the bet, NM. Pretty sure you are a broke dick motherfucker and would renege on it anyway.

I could never keep estrogens in control. Without arimidex it was too high, and with arimidex, even in small amounts, I would get all the low e symptoms: out of a month I would have maybe 3 good days, and the rest were chasing that good feeling. The whole time on trt, i had terrible ED too. I’m finally at the point that I can perform sexually without trt, but I have all the other classic Low T symptoms. So I’m looking for the best way to raise my T without having to go on trt, because what’s the point of trt if you can’t perform sexually.

Yea that sucks. Fortunately i have been very lucky with TRT. Everything has improved. I took thr ai maybe twice then stopped and haven’t had any issues. I’m 40mg eod and 200iu hcg eod

Yeah clomid seems to be the go to for that, but my shbg and estrogens both rise really high on it after a week or two and then I feel emotional and shitty. I’m hoping that tamoxifen wouldn’t do the same. Guess you never know Till you try. Just hoping I can find some people who said it worked for them. I have heard tamoxifen is harder on the organs though

Hadn’t heard that about Nolva. I would be interested to find out.

Had a friend try Clomid monotherapy and same deal, estrogen went up, not sure about SHBG, but he felt like shit.

FWIW, was on T for five years or so, quit cold turkey twelve weeks ago, got blood tested last week, I was at 250. I’m 55. I was sort of jacked. Now I’m just a skinny old fucker, lol. I’m going to go back on soon.

Getting back on after the couple months off is phenomenal, it all comes back VERY quickly if you employ the same work ethic that it took you to get to that point before. I can now personally attest, muscle memory is real!

Yeah, that is kind of what I was looking for, a little jump start without the DBol.

I look forward to getting a little jacked again for summer.

This is 100% true. I recommend Defy to those struggling to find competent doctors, but if they are located in a couple of select states, I will recommend doctors who only do face to face visits, but some posters do not let their location be known.

Defy is an excellent option if living in small towns that would otherwise force you to drive on long commutes.

What ever, watch this thread go away.