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Anyone Have Ankle Fusion or Replacement?

I’m 40 and trying to decide between an ankle fusion or replacement and want to see if anyone on the forum has had either done

Per my doctor here are the Pros and cons of the procedures

Recommended for active people or people who don’t want to have to revisit the procedure
Pro: very durable and only needs performed once
Con: less range of motion

Good option for less active people. Normally done for people 50 or over
Pro: more range of motion
Con: only last 15-20 years. Less durable

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I had the same discussion with my Ortho Doc. I had a bad left ankle, broken 2x 25-30 years ago with surgery, hardware & a bone graft. I’m 69 y/o now. I am opting for the graft/ fusion. He explained it to me that the ankle replacement is not durable, it’s fine for in active people, It won’t hold up for me. He used the analogy, “It’s fine for a show horse, but you are a work horse.” (I live in a rural area) I’m not a superman, but I ride my motorcycle , lift weights, squat and deadlift, on my feet doing stuff, restoring old trucks.
So It’s ankle fusion for me. The Doc says I will still be able to squat