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Anyone Have a Motorola Droid?

My contract with AT&T and my iPhone is winding down soon, and since the area around school where I am 90% of the year and where I will be for the next year and a half minimum doesn’t have great AT&T coverage I’m considering switching back to Verizon.

If I do switch back, I’ll be moving to one of these newfangled Droids most likely, but I have a few questions for anyone who has a droid…

Music… Does the droid have its own program for uploading music from your computer? Can it interface with iTunes?

Bluetooth… I’ve heard there are problems with bluetooth dialing. I’ll admit that I don’t know too much about bluetooth specifics, but my car’s GPS has bluetooth syncing ability with a phone and I can answer the phone through the GPS and the GPS downloads my contacts in my iPhone currently and I can dial through the GPS. The Droid is unable to do this?

Any comments people want to make about the droid in general?

Girlfriend got one on sunday. Shit is the bee’s knees. Dunno about the music program, but with youtube a click away you can play virtually any song you want by typing in the name. Good enough for me.

android does all… best phone operating system hands down. If it can’t do it, someone can make it do it.

is it true that you still have to pay verizon’s monthly app fee for games and such?

I got one. A lot of the Android apps are free. You can mount it like a hard drive and there is no software interface for transferring or managing music, you simply drag and drop the files like it was another hard drive.

From my experience, the original music software is not very good, it plays music but making playlists and organizing songs is tough. I guess it depends how your mp3s are IDed, but mine are sporadic and it makes navigating and organization difficult.

Not sure about the bluetooth and Verizon does charge out the ass to sync email w/ a Microsoft Exchange server but there may be ways to get around it if you are technically competent.

Most of the bugs can be fixed with the software updates. They found one with the autofocus on the camera having to do w/ a timestamp that caused the autofocus to work/not work on a 24 day cycle or something like that. Its currently working, but when I got the phone it didn’t, and I think that problem has been fixed.

The awesome thing about the phone is the open SDK and it encourages a lot of hobbyist developers to do some cool stuff for it.

Here’s some interesting links if anybody is interested in any of the things you can do w/ the phone:

I’m going to try and root mine and get all the built in Verizon crap off.

I’m also interested in how much Android interfaces w/ the actual phone hardware and if the phone can be turned into a cell phone jammer or arbitrary signal transmitter/receiver.

You gotta get the Pandora app for it. They block it on my work computer, but I just walk around all day with my headphones on listening to music on my phone. The day is much more peaceful that way.

single greatest mobile device in history. love it

Scary thing is its only going to get better and better

It’s an amazing phone. Don’t compare it to the iPhone, not because it is superior/inferior, but it was built on different philosophies in my opinion.

Great selection of apps.

AMAZING screen, almost twice as sharp as the iPhone’s.

Very slick keyboard although I prefer to use the touch screen keyboard.

Now, some comments on getting a smartphone (Android based) in the current climate:

  1. Motorola is releasing a keyboard-less version: http://www.androidguys.com/2009/12/18/more-motorola-xt701-pics-and-specs-coming-together/

  2. The recently pictured and “reviewed” (brief hands on, unofficial) Nexus One aka “Google Phone” will eventually come to Verizon but will debut around January 2010 for GSM carriers (namely T-Mobile):


"While the current version of the Google Phone is GSM, the source says that a CDMA device will follow. If true, that’s great news for everyone who rolls with Verizon or Sprint. "

–This makes sense considering Google’s philosophy to not tie down software (open source), so I expect the same attitude toward carrier-exclusivity (read: Nexus One should eventually be carrier agnostic)

  1. http://mobile.engadget.com/2009/12/18/htc-incredible-is-coming-to-verizon-better-live-up-to-its-name/

HTC is probably the best handset maker. Highest quality phones (on average) and best UI (they have SenseUI - look it up). I fully expect them to make a few badass Android phones for Verizon and release them before Spring 2010.

For the above reasons I think you should wait until about March 2010 before buying an Android based phone (well, any smartphone) if you are with Verizon.