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Anyone have a great leg workout?

to my fellow t-men, i need some suggestion on how to increase the mass in my legs, to even out with the rest of my body…my legs are very slow at growing. Anyone out there have a great work out that will increase the mass the quickest…please help, summer is near and i need to correct this problem without the use of steroids. Your help,and suggestion is greatly appreciated, thanks!!!

Islander-I posted a “one day leg cure” workout a while back. It should work

Well lets see. The best strength coach in the world has put two different programs on Tmag.

John, where is the leg cure? I did a search but couldn’t find it.

Try this.
Squat: set one 5 reps with six rep max,rest 3 min., set two 90% of the first set’s weight for 5 reps, rest 3 minutes. From there lower weight to 80% of first set and do 8-13 more sets at 5 reps using only 30 sec. rest one minute at the most. However, this isn’t strict, you should terminate the sets if your form starts to breakdown. In otherwords don’t go to failure. Squat this way twice a week.

High bar, butt to floor, medium stance squats with 60% of your max for 10 sets of 10
superset with lying leg curls 60% of your max for 10 sets of 10
rest 90 seconds in between exercises so for example…do a set of squats rest 90 seconds do a set of leg curls rest 90 seconds do a set of squats rest 90 seconds etc…until you’ve done 10 sets of each.
I’ve done about every possible leg training routine ever devised and in my opinion this one is the toughest and most likely to produce the desired results. Do the workout about every 5-6 days.

Chris-It’s under the title “For you masochists out there”. I posted it, but it is very hard to read on the forum.

seems like the general trend here is exercising with intensity (the real key to effective leg training). in keeping with this trend, try this routine that i’m currently using. i adapted it from John McCallum’s High Set Program in “Keys to Progress”:
Quads: Barbell Squats - 5 sets of 6 with about 2 mins. between sets, followed by a compound set of leg extensions and leg press, 8-10 sets of 8 with 30 sec. between each compound set. Really force the weight and don’t give up!
Hams: Romanian Deadlifts - same protocol as the squats for quads, followed by a compound set of leg curls (lying or seated) and hamstring leg press (feet high and together on the platform), for 8-10 sets of 8.
this’ll probably make you a bit sore, but you’ll only see the results if you put HARD work in. good luck!

Try this one. You will get strange looks from the testosterone impaired gym members.

Sisy squats 2:8-10 (2:0:2)immediately followed by
Back Squats 2:4-6 (2:02)
rest 2 minutes after each cycle
Legpress on Cybex Vr2 (or stadard leg press 2:5-7 (3:0:X)
rest one minute in between leg presses

For the sissy squats keep your torso and thighs in a straight line, and stay on the balls of your feet. This will give you a great prestretch, but don’t bounce.

Hyperextensions 2:8-10 (2:0:2)supersetted with
Leg curls 2:4-6 (2:0:2)
rest 2 minutes between cycles
one leg curls or seated leg curls 2:5-7 (3:0:x)
Try this program. It is short, but very intense.
I hope this helps.

Go forth and build big wheels my friend!

Been doin’ the low rep thing lately, good results so far. I did this workout today.
Barbell Squat 10 sets of 3 reps(85-90% 1RM)
Romanian DL 8 sets of 3 reps(80-85% 1RM)
Coach P’s Luke Sauder Calve workout. Good luck, outlaw.

What I have thrown in every couple of weeks is a squat routine of 10X10. I only put 275 on the bar, but I squat nice and smooth below parallel. After the squats, 4 sets of stiff legs and 2 sets of seated leg curls polish me off. Talk about being sore…and wanting to throw up!

Squat, squat, then squat some more. I know, sounds old fashioned and typical of hardcore advice, but if you squat ass-to-the-grass with intensity, you’ll gain. Try squatting 2x per week; one workout is balls to the wall. The next one is light, say 50-60% weight. And when I say go down deep, I want to see calves pressing against hamstrings. Shake it up with wide stance and narrow stance squats. And, don’t do any cardio for two days after your leg workouts
Here’s something to get you thinking: your hamstrings will add more inches to your leg than all the quad work in the world.

Okay then, so how would somebody that has torn his ACL twice and had 25% of the medial meniscus removed(all in the same knee in a 4 year period) go about squatting “calves to hamstrings”? I have been having a real hard time finding a way to squat w/o knee pain being added into the equation, if I go heavy I am not going to be able to walk by the time I am 30. Are higher rep squats feasible for mass gains??

Dank, I don’t have an answer for you on that one, you’ve a specific (and sounds horrible) situation with that knee. What effect do leg presses have for you, can you work through more range of motion that way than doing partial squats?

Well, I believe that leg presses allow for a better ability to complete a range of motion, and also I think that since gravity isn’t playing as much as a factor for me when I do them so I don’t feel the cracking and popping that occur whenever I do any type of bending motion. However I do not have a leg press in my gym(aka my basement), so that kinda limits my exercise options.

Try this it does not take long if you really push yourself and it will leave you in a spasm on the floor.
Squat-take a weight that you can normally do for 10 and doing breathing squats until you get 20…if you must rack the bar catch your breath and finish…
after you are done squating the fun begins (have all this set up before hand)…go and deadlift what you could do for 10 and then do 20…you will be sucking gas now, but you are not finished yet…crawl to the leg press and do your best 20 weight for 20 reps, at this point you will be in pain… after this set you won’t want to move for atleast 10 minutes…the tempo should be 1/0/1/0 for all reps the increased time under tension comes from the rest pause…DON’T EAT WITH IN 2 HOURS OF THIS SESSION OR YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY SEE YOUR LUNCH!..After you can move stretch!

This session should only take about 10 minutes max....when you are in shape you can get it done in 5.

Islander? Are you a Grand Islander by chance?