Anyone Have a Good Simple PL Routine?

im 15 years old and been lifting for over a year now. im starting to get really interested in the sport of powerlifting. im not sure how i should set up a program right now i just do bench squats deadlifts and power cleans all in one day 3 times a week and im starting to platue on my lifts im 5’7 and 165 pounds i want to keep powercleans in my plan for football though
thanks for your help

You do all 4 compound lifts in 1 day???


Yeah…good luck with that program!

[quote]MachineAZ wrote:
You do all 4 compound lifts in 1 day???


Yeah…good luck with that program![/quote]

That’s actually not that strange. Look up some of Boris Sheiko’s plans. 3-4 compound lifts per day 3-4 days per week.

Hopefully you got better advice when you started…

For the original poster: You will need to build up a good base and doing the compounds regularly is a must. Just be carefull of overtraining.

Look up something like Westside or Westside for skinny bastards. The darkside gurus can correct me but I think you can work in cleans as a supplementary exercise.

Alternatively look up something like the Sheiko or Smolov programs for a simple solid base. (PM me for a URL)

Apart from that, just read everything you can find by Dave Tate, Joe Defranco, Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey (who have I missed?)

Visit and read all the articles on it. If nothing else, you will have a better idea of what you don’t know yet.

doing all 4 compounds a day is OK assuming the volume isn’t too high (AKA low) and the rep-range and loading paramaters very greatly throughout the week, it could work (although not as good as some other styles).

Doing things like you do is actually pretty common when starting PL. However, usually sessions differ in intensity and load used.

For instance, on Monday you work up to your 3-5RM in all lifts, using 4-5 sets to warm up (heavy). On Wednesday, you do all the lifts for higher reps and with lighter weight (except maybe Power Cleans, there keep the reps low) - that’s light workout. Then, on Friday, you use a weight heavier then Wednesday but lighter then Monday and do something like 3-5 sets of 4-5 reps (medium). On the next Monday, you go for a new PR.

All of this can also be staggered through the days, so Monday becomes, say: Squat heavy, Bench moderatly and DL light; Wednesday is heavy DL, light Squat and Bench, and Friday is heavy Bench, medium DL and Squat.

And on different days, you can use different variants of the lifts. Since you’re into PL, be sure to hit the competition versions at least one a week. But, feel free do to Incline Bench of one of the days, or RDL instead of conventional DL, Front Squats instead of regular back squats and so on…

Now you can either set up your own routine based on those basic principles, or use some of these: