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Anyone Have a Dog in Weight Pulling Competitions?

I have a white German shepherd that travelled around the country in weight pulling competitions. He’s been to states Ive never been to. But he’s won lots of medals, trophies and awards. He pulled about 1200 pounds at a time.

But we’ve had our differences. One time, I had some chicken wings in my bedroom that I forgot to take for lunch, when I came home, the box was on the floor and all the wings, including the bones, were gone. Then there was the time I went to Wendy’s late at night to get a chicken salad. I sat the salad on the table and went upstairs and when I came back down, the salad was on the floor and he ate all the chicken and left the lettuce. Then there was the time I had some ribs and baked beans in my bedroom and got in the shower. I got out thinking im about to chow down. When I got out the shower, the box was on the floor and the ribs and beans had been eaten.

I had a coworker at one location who did that. He had pit bulls and would train them in a park near his house. He said all sorts of breeds would compete from little chihuahua to big dogs