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Anyone Have a Diet I Can Use?


Hey everyone, I'm a 19 year old male, I'm 6ft2 weighing 235 pounds(107kg) and at about 24% body fat.

I train 6 days a week which is not a problem but making no real noticeable gains due to my poor eating plan, I was curious if anyone could help me out? i would go on the V-Diet, but unfortunately i don't have the money for all the sups.


Carb Cycling + cardio


You know what’s the best diet…the one your not on! cut the fast food, demolished the microwave. Stick to Ideal proteins (Eggs, Turkey, beans, chicken blah blah) It’s not an overnight thing. take a step in the right direction and just keep going, You’ll get where you want to be just pay the dues to get there.


Thanks for the response, i don’t eat fast food, just i eat at bad times, i dont have breakfast have an ok lunch, then at night i make up for the other meals i skipped which i know is bad, i just don’t really know what to eat during the day, sort of new to the whole nutrition part of bodybuilding.


Eat nothing but meat, chicken, fish, eggs and green veggies ONLY. Healthy fats, nuts, organic butter, coconut/macadamia oil, olive oil. One cheat meal a week. Don’t worry too much about numbers, BUT roughly 1.5g/lb protein(for fat loss) and 0.5-0.75g/lb fats.

I would highly recommend the above diet, due to you been at approx 24%…You need to get rid of that first and foremost. Search for Thibs “Refined transformation” article and train like this.



EAT BREAKFAST!!! Seriously! Doesn’t much matter what but something within the first hour of being awake, avoid high sugar cereal and other general crap foods, get some oatmeal and eggs and eat it!
If you’re trying to drop lbs you need to get your body ready for the day and used to the idea of burning calories.

Shoot for 5-7 meals 2-4hrs apart, high in protein, good fats and avoid bad carbs (sugar, starches), limit carbs to breakfast and PWO, veggies don’t count toward carbs so eat as many as you can stand.
Don’t eat a bunch of food at the end of the day to “make up” for the calories you didn’t eat during the day, it’s a bad idea and will likely cause you to retain some/most of those calories as fat.
Lift heavy, get in some cardio and eat breakfast.


Check out the beginners forum. Lots of good info there about nutrition.


You have already answered one of the problems as you do not eat breakfast and then eat too many calories late on. In terms of what to eat search for past articles and threads as there is some excellent advice on nutrition. Also you say you train 6 days a week which is great, but make sure you are training smart and training with intensity. If you are just going through the motions in training you won’t progress, you need to push yourself.


thanks all again for your responses, will check out Refined transformation as soon as im done replying, Yeah i know i train very hard every time always intense, just yeah the diet part is whats letting me down, strength wise ive trippled over the last 4 months, and able to run for a lot longer then before, so all round improved on the body, just the diet is whats made it so physical gains are not as fast.