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Anyone Have a Car Shipped?

looking at a car on ebay and it’s located in Utah, I’m in MD.

anyone have a car shipped before? how much did it cost?

I shipped one from Oklahoma to Salt Lake City a year ago and it ran me $800. However, if you find a transport that is going from the general area you buy if from, to close to you it should only be around $500 or so. I�??d call around to a couple of car dealers and see if they are shipping any vehicles from the west and see if you can add your vehicle to their shipment.

Yeah, I was hoping for around $500, otherwise I’d fly out and drive it back.

You don’t happen to be near Goshen, UT? that’s where the car is

Auto transport runs $600-800 on average. My father owns a dealership and has been to auctions in Atlanta and Pennsylvania.

I always just taken a bus out to where the car was and drove it back.

transport would cost you about 800 I think depending on the car.