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Anyone Have a Blog?


I just started this a couple days ago:


If you simply can't get enough of me here on T-Nation, you can now get a daily dose. Shenanigans are guaranteed to ensue.

Anyone else have a blog?


blogs are dumb. I never got the point of them really.

Only thing dumber than a blog is twitter.

Now what sen say, btw- I replied to your request on SAMA


Yeah. I have a poetry blog, but its way too ghey to post here.



lol, wise choice.


HA! I'll find your blog Iron....and post it on the forums.(cue evil laugh)




i started laughing hysterically when i read that. not that you write poetry but how it was written. but still hilarious




I just started a channel on youtube of me singing. does that count?


I do. It's a fitness related blog/website for my training business and online coaching. It's fine, I get to write whatever I want and no one reads it ever. Kind of like masturbating and never getting caught.

...I've heard.


here's a crazy blog


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vegan: person who seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.
soapbox: platform used to make impromptu or unofficial public speeches.

6 Ways To Handle Antagonistic Animal-Eaters

By Eccentric Vegan on August 19th, 2008


Yeah. Got a martial arts blog under lukaspezenka.blogspot.com.
Personally, I like writing there, I always found writing about something a nice way to take it off my mind.


I have a Geographic Information Systems/Database (professional IT) blog.


I think I'd rather read ID's poetry.


Me too.


There are a few T-Nationers whose blogs I read.

There is nothing sexier than a man flexing his literary muscles as well as his physical ones.

And no, I'm not gonna tell you who they are, it's not my place to do so.


I'm considering doing one now that i don't have my training log anymore...


So you saw Julie and Julia and started a blog about the same thing?


No security issues this time?


Nah, won't mention anything about work...It would probably be more of my "rant" type of writing...