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Anyone Have a Biceps Tear?

I second welcoming the challenge to use a hook grip on the deadlift as much as possible. You’ll have way less chance of tearing your biceps plus with both arms rotated the same direction (pronated) you’ll make sure you’re getting balanced shoulder girdle/upper back development.

Of course for maximal sets where the weight is creeping up in the 90% plus range you might be forced to use a mixed grip for those. Then again when I first started trying the hook grip it hurt like a bitch but with enough chalk and proper bar knurling it felt pretty dame secure after only 2-3 weeks. Managed to pull 440 for 5x3 and it never felt like I had to drop it mid set. As long as you can get past the 30 seconds of post set agony by the time your 2-4 minute rest is up you don’t notice it and you are on to your next set.

I’m also convinced that by gripping the bar double overhand:

  1. the minute torso/hip twist sometimes felt is completely gone since you are square to the bar

  2. the range of motion of the lift is reduced since you don’t have to drop your upper body and reach down that extra inch due to the supinating of one hand having to wrap its grip underneath versus on top of the bar. (I know we are talking a fraction of an inch here but I refuse to believe it doesn’t help a little. Mechanically speaking, it’s very similar to deadlifting barefoot, again there its merely an inch but it sure helps you lift more weight.)