Anyone Have a Belgian Malinois?

Anyone here have a Belgian Malinois?

My sister adopted a stray from a local shelter when she took the dog to the vet she was told it is a pure bred Belgian Malinois. Now she can not controll her and is looking to give her away.

I already have two mixed shepards but am thiking about taking the new dogand having her trained.

Me dogs arealdy met the puppy and they seemed to get along.

…i know these dogs as Mechelse Shepherds. They are used extensively as guarddogs, surveillance and crowdcontrol dogs here in Holland. The [riot]police also use them. If this particular dog has issues but can be corrected, as far as my coworkers are concerned, they are the best dogs ever. But they need a lot of work and training…

Hehehe, if that dog is from working lines I hope you enjoy working dogs!

If you don’t keep them gainfully employed and channel their extraordinary drives then they will run riot. There’s nothing worse than seeing a dog like this in the wrong hands, owners who try to “correct” them all day long but never figure out how to use their drive to their advantage. It’s bad for the dog and bad for the handler.

They are purpose built for Ring sports, French Ring or Mondio Ring. The also do well at KNPV (Dutch police trials) and Schutzhund. Agility, Flyball and Tracking are also other sports that they excel in. Unless you are into any of these, or want to be into any of these, I suggest taking him to a club (Mondio or Schutzhund) and asking around. If someone is after a working dog and he shows promise he may find an excellent home.