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Anyone Had Supraspinatus Surgery?

Anyone had there supraspinatus reattatched??? Wanna pick your brain about rehab…

I work in rehab, and have seen many patients during the entire course of their program. Expect a long process, usually 6-12 months, more like a roller-coaster than straight uphill progress. The early stages are agonizingly slow, and it is for a reason. The re-attachment has to take hold, and can be vulnerable in this stage. You may be sleeping in a recliner for a few weeks, during the early part. Stick with the rehab. Baby steps. Perspective is key. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck.

4.5 months post surgery. Surgery went great, Doc was extremely happy. PT started the first week, out of the sling at week 5, zero pain through most of it… keep in mind I had child good leaukimia, 17 broken bones, a brain aneurysm, finger amputation and blew myself up with a BBQ grill and spent 3 weeks in a burn center, my pain threshold is pretty high… 3rd month started working with weights and thats where the problems started. Mind yiu im still in PT 3 times a week so I didn’t go rogue or anything… Long story short I’m able to bench, overhead press anything i want at the gym with zero pain… using about 50% of what i was doing presurgery.

My problems come from the evryday shit, reach for the remote control and my shoulder cracks like a tree branch and hurts like hell for 30 seconds, go to grab the milk out the fridge, same thing, pain, make the bed in the morning, pain, put my sweatshirt on, pain. Sometimes just sitting on the couch, throbs like a tooth ache. Therepist had no answers. She my ortho tomorrow. How the hell can i go to the gym and do a full chest wotkout, or shoulder workout and have no pain, but i can’t grab a gallon of milk out the fridge or reach for something without wanting to cry like a baby becausr of the sharp pain?? Any ideas? I appreciate you taking interest…

Gotta keep in mind that this is a 6 to 12 month journey. Many will perform simple shoulder flexion within 3 or so months post-op, and feel a random “catch” while lowering. Not unusual. You may have to adjust your milk reach technique for now…with arm close to body, no long levers. Keep using the shoulder pulley (Amazon $8), and front and lateral finger ladders. Daily, several rounds. On off-days from clinical PT sessions. Keeping perspective is key. You are still fairly early in this dance.