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Anyone Had Pellets?

I got low T and I found a md who wants to inject pellets. Anyone ever had pellets? He says better than injecting regular test. He also wants to do vitamin IV, draining blood first and then iv in vitamin C and minerals and shit. Seems strange but i’m new to this.

Run and dont look back. Does not sound like approved treatment. Unless you want to be experimented on.

most find pellets suck…if you need to fine tune dosage what do you do???

just read “The Testosterone Syndrome” by Dr Shippen,
he recommends pellets as best delivery for most, provides steady release of T into body without spikes, little side effects, lasts for 3-4 months.

Why the F would you need to put vitamins into an IV drip? That’s one of the dumbest things which I’ve ever heard. I don’t know anything about pellets, but it sounds reasonable, if you are over the age of like 50. If you have really low T and you are younger than 50-55, I’d say you have other things to consider before you opt for T, unless of course you are trying to take your levels above normal. If you are searching for help read up on Paul Chek. Just my $0.02.

Shippen recommended pellets as they were probably cutting edge at the time. He did not like injections because injections every 2,3,4 weeks did not work well. DUH! Now that guys are self injecting and can inject 2 or 2.5 times per week, injections do not have to play second fiddle to anything. That is one of the major flaws in what is still a great book.

^what I got is that he didn’t like injections because they usually cause big spikes in T levels, then a crash, also the big sudden surge in T causes the body to think that it too much and so body converts extra T to estrogen or releases estrogen to offset the rise in T.

besides not all Drs willing to let patients inject themselves , many will want you to come once a week for the shot.

That is cash flow.

i have used pellets for 5+ years. i had tried gels, injections at docs, self injections. pellets are by far the best that has worked for me. my levels were low 100’s in my mid 30’s. now t is over 900 consistently.

give us an idea what it was like before & after you got the T levels fixed?
like what was your mood like then and now? body compostion? sex drive? strength?

[quote]Ruged wrote:
give us an idea what it was like before & after you got the T levels fixed?
like what was your mood like then and now? body compostion? sex drive? strength?

i never knew i had a problem because i really didn’t know anything different. however…i could never gain weight or strength. i am 6’2 and was 175 no matter what i ate(protein, high carbs, it didn’t matter). the weight and strength was always the same. i tried different things in the weight room, but could never get anywhere. body fat was very low, sex drive low.

currently my weight is 210. i have been as high as 225 and i am coming off shoulder surgery a couple of months ago–june. my mood is elevated as is sex drive. i feel less anxious than before and generally feel much better. with the increase in body weight, i am much stronger than ever before at 40 years old. my body fat is up as well (from single digits before to mid -high teens now but i feel like that is a discipline problem as much as a change in metabolism. the strength issue is relative as i was pretty weak before, but for a couple of examples; i used to bench my weight–175. my max before my surgery was 275. deadlift–i didn’t even do it and now, although i do not max out, on a heavy day i will do 350 3 times.

i strongly urge anyone who has a problem with t levels to get them checked and find a doc who can help. call around to urologists and endocrinologists and ask the questions before you go in and waste your time. the docs that are up to prescribing pellets are usually into other “healthy” programs as well and if it sounds nutty, just have them do what you want.