Anyone Had High Cholesterol from Juice?

Anybody ever had real high ldl levels on a blood test. I’m 38 been juicing well over ten years. My ldl was extremely high test was not taken during a fast but ldl was 226. I’m going back get it taken at a fast but fuck !

38 here as well… I chronically have high cholesterol but a recent stint with Mast and a small amount of Var… this was the result…


Looks very similar to my results. Wonder how to get the ldl down medicine prob best answer ? Not juicing would not be a option :slight_smile: All jokes aside unless it had to be.

My labs were only 3-4 weeks after ceasing. It took me about two months last time for them to normalize. I anticipate the LDL dropping over the next month. I’m not terribly worried about high LDL. I had a Coronary Artery Calcium scan done last year and my score was zero. As in zero plaque. I’m not up to speed on the lastest cholesterol talk but I hear its more about particulate size. That and cholesterol is only one of many factors driving heart disease.

You and I are both running Mast and anavar along with our cruise. I just had blood work this morning (fasted). It probably going to look a lot like yours. At least your HDL was over 40.

What does your Dr. say? And do they know about your “dark secret”? LOL

I have an appt next Tuesday with a new provider. My endo keeps lowering my dose so I’m going over to Defy to try them out. I want to keep at my 140mg/wk test. Those results were after running an 8 week course of mast 300mg/wk and test prop 300mg/wk. I ran Var for a few weeks but it I was having complications so I stopped. It DID drive my SHBG from 50+ to 37.

@studhammer I’m really hoping Defy can prescribe me some peptides for GH. My IGF-1 stinks and I could lose some visceral fat.

I’m on 250 test and 200 mast. I was running 50 mg of var/day for a couple of weeks until the muscle pain got so bad it impacted my sleep. I’ve been off for about 2 weeks before my blood test

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Based on what I’ve seen online, peptides arent much cheaper than real GH. Why not look into that?

I believe you are correct on the cost. HGH is like $2/iu correct so i would cost me roughly $250/mo to run a course per month? I beleive the peptides are actually MORE than that.

I don’t have a reliable source for HGH.

For UGL. Pharma is going to be more by quite a lot.

People bash MK, but literature does indicate it works pretty well, and it would probably be a lot less money than prescribed peptides (mine costs about $0.50 per day from a respected SARM seller). My IGF-1 is almost the same as yours. I need to get IGF-1 tested to see how effective it is. @youthful55guy has run it and has test results all graphed out. Maybe something to look into.

Diet can help. Omega 3 oil has been shown to help. IIRC, berries were pretty good too. What is your body fat like? I think if you are fat, losing some weight could help.

Please let me know the results if you do.

Will do. Been thinking I need to pull some labs. Got them sitting in my cart too.

@ogl I mentioned a CAC in my previous post. Do you have a primary care Doc? If so I would recommend you ask him for a referral to get the CAC done. Its one of the best assessments for heart disease and it only costs $99 out of pocket. You DO need a Dr referral though which is stupid but hey, its the system. This is assuming you are in the US of course.

Juice is typically a 0mg Cholesterol food, so I don’t have that problem.


Yea man I am in the US and do have insurance. I think that’s a good idea for sure. I got to go back for another blood panel I’m gonna suggest that.

That’s the problem I really don’t ever come off I’m on tren at least 6 months a year. I just kinda flip flop between tren and npp with test. Only oral I can take is var the rest make me feel like shit. But my Cruz is 300test 200deca.

That’s a dangerous cycle brother. @unreal24278 can give you all the gory details.

I’ve been doing it off and on for years. Not saying it’s smart I’m hard headed as fuck. I just love tren !

I’m 5’10 215lbs move between 12 to 15% bf.

So jacked unless you are wrong about body fat.