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Anyone Grow Marijuana?


My newest hobby is growing the ganja, and I must say that it's an extremely rewarding activity. It grows fast, and is very sensitive to all kinds of factors such as light, soil condition, etc. Putting it all together to cultivate the ideal plant is an art. I'm actually much more fascinated with growing than smoking (only smoked three times in my life). It's just a pleasure to watch cannabis grow. I suspect that it's also fun to grow other plants, but breaking the law has the added benefit of making me feel tough and rebellious, so I'm sticking with that for now.

Anybody else grow marijuana?


If you need to grow pot to feel tough, then you've got some deep seated issues that even Frued wouldn't touch with a ten foot poll.

That being said one of my fraternity brothers grows pot, but he does so for (beleive it or not) scientific challenge. To him its a challenge finding the right genetic mix to make, what he describes as, "the ultimate bud", i've seen him sit down and literally study the molecules of different marijuana seeds and genetic combination for hours. In that regards I guess it proves that your not alone in finding the satisfaction in growing something as complex as marijuana. That being said I don't think growing the pot makes him tougher, just gives him something to do in his free time when he's not doing his pre-med work.


I agree with Hoosierdaddy, enjoying growing because you are breaking the law should not be one of the reasons to do it.
Personally I grow because its a great hobby and I dont want to pay the prices dealers sell it for.
The beauty of weed is each variety has its own characteristics and when you grow it yourself you can find the strain that suits your personality best.
I'm definitely into a savita high, indicas are too stoney. But if you buy it from some guy they can never tell you what your buying.
I've just started flowering Northern Lights x Haze. 12 weeks to go, cant hardly wait.


meh. Thats fun. I prefered growing shrooms and cacti. Much more interesting and fun to be on.

Anything can be an intellectual challenge. Part of lifting is that for me. If i wasnt playing with new ideas, etc i wouldnt be doing it as consistently.

But i will stress this. If your caught you are going to regret this challenge. Especially in america where its more of a crime then possesing an illegal weapon.

There are these nice grey areas with plants that have the same type of challenge and are grey area enough to be legal/semi-legal and have the whole issue of combinations and extractions. More complications. Thats fun too and less of a problem. Unless of course you start buying chem gear from ebay... then your in trouble. Not to mention if you dont tell anyone no one will know your upto no good. Change plants.

Think Entheogens.


Growing anything is cool. Pot is especially easy, or so I've heard. IMHO the only good thing about growing pot is that gram for gram it is worth the same or more than gold. :slight_smile: Literally a money-tree.

Presently I am growing lemon-thyme, basil, rosemary, parsly and lavender indoors. It's a pleasure.


""Especially in america where its more of a crime then possesing an illegal weapon.""

Gun control and cannabis laws vary widely from state to state in the USA. Many states now have loopholes that allow users to grow a small number of plants without prosecution. Also, many small communities in California (and some other states) simply ignore large-scale growers because pot is considered socially acceptable. The USA is not at all a socially homogenous country. I consider it to be the world's first free-trade-agreement(bloc).


I have friends who grow Weed and they have a greenhouse (with camo nets inside) as too many Police Helicopters fly over his area looking for chavs. Seems to spend ages looking after them in the season.

Anyway's I grow and cultivate cacti, one year I had a greenhouse full. Also I have many plants and have grown some great tomatoes in growbags. Never plant mint in your garden, it takes over.


What a douche, thanks for reminding me the reason I never tried that retarded shit.


Never say never. Mint is great as an insect, rodent and deer repellent. But, you're right, it will take over if you let it.



I don't know why it's so fascinating. Back in college I'd stick my head in the closet and just watch em grow. My roommate would come home and exclaim "you're staring at those things again!".

It's fun managing the light, tempurature, nutrients. Selecting the plants to grow. Wildly fast growing Sativa strains or the slow growing Indica. I didn't smoke the stuff either. I was the farmer, my roommate the user. I guess it was a symbiotic relationship.

It was scarry as hell when the police showed up at our door. They started talking mumbo jumbo to me when I opened the door. I guess they were trying to confuse me to see if I was stoned. I starred at them and said "what are you talking about".

They straightened up and said they have a report of a "black light Marijuana plant" and asked if they could search our room. I thought to myself "full spectrum and plantS" but I asked what would happen if I said no. They said they could come back with a search warrant. I of course said they'd have to come back.

My roommate and I were paranoid until deep into the night that they would have us staked out for when we tried to ditch the plants. We eventually successfully ditched them. The next day we went out and got a couple porno magazines and pasted the pictures all over the inside of the closet. We also put a chair in there and a bucket to make it look like a wank-off room. Thought it would be hillarious for when the cops came back but they never did. We could have kept growing! Damn.


Advice to the rookie DEA agent that started this thread while youre sure to get a few wankers to chime end and flagg themselves for investigation.

There are quite a few really sharp T-Members who will see right through this.

My suggestion which you will figure out on your own in time is to not be so fourthright in the begginning, coming right out and admitting to intentional crimes sends up all kinds of red flaggs.

Its a rookie mistake just dial it back and try again once you have some moron on the hook reel him in with a few IMs then raid his house.

But in the mean time nice try I give kudos for the effort but just settle down you will come into your own.

Good luck on your hopefully long career in the DEA!


Sounds like someone needs to relax.

What makes it so retarded? Just because you have never tried it, anyone who has must be a douche? Why do you feel the need to be so judgemental and holier than thou?


Goddamned hippies.


Damn, I need to go to England and see you :slight_smile:


Yeah, all the time. BRAAAHHHHHHHHH


If I did I would not admit it on any public website that's for sure....


I'm with you bodyguard. While we're at it... Who brews meth here?


I wanted to join in such an obviously intelligent post. I grow pot, cook meth, and use and distribute anabolic steroids, and abuse children. I want to also give my social security number, phone number, and address, on this forum because no one would possibly use this imformation for any purpose other than my benifit would they?


I was thinking the same thing.

There is no doubt that federal agents check out the website as part of the ongoing steroid inquisition.


It's not being "holier than thou", it's just that some of us don't have such pathetic lives where we have to alter our state mind to enjoy life or have a good time. Really sad