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Anyone Graduating in December 2010?


So who else out there is making it out alive this December?

Sick and freakin tired of giving OU my money...in and out in 3.5 years!

Announcements came in the mail today :slight_smile:

T-minus 35 dayssss


Not a single "Boomin Sooner" shout out?

I guess Education isn't a popular subject. Congrats.


Haha, guess not.


and thanks :slight_smile:


Graduated Summer 2009. You'll miss Uni once you've been out for a while.


I am!

done in Dec 2010. peace out san diego state, until we meet again...


Damn where the hell have you been?

And no, graduating in May, assuming I don't fail orgo, hahaha.


getting my teaching certfication in December. Graduated last summer.


Haha...took a little hiatus into lurker-dom....took 18 hours/units of class between May and Aug (shoot me) in my mission to graduate by Dec

Although now that I'm taking 20 hours it isn't much better! Last push though...then on to nursing school, ha


Your boyfriend must be proud.

(lucky bastard!)


Congrats and good luck in nursing school.


This guy


Get ready. Have my associates in Respiratory, BA in Nursing and MA in Nursing. How far you plan on going?


Yep! After several years of trying, I've finally passed my Grade 10!!

Things are going to change for me now. I can feel it.


To be fair, the only thing keeping you out of 9th grade was 8th grade.


As far as I can, really. The program I'm hoping to get into is an accelerated 10 month (typically 2 year) bachelors-to-RN program (since I have a non-nursing degree in Health and Exercise Science). So after that a masters program, but what I really have my eye on is becoming a CRNA. We'll see!

What area of the hospital do you work in? Do you enjoy it? Any advice? :slightly_smiling:


I graduate from Communications next month. 4.5 years. Did 4 classes a sem and worked full time for most of it so I needed an extra half year. The degree I get will be a HUGE step up from 2-ply.


I am always willing to give advise to people coming into this field. Because it is not what is advertised. With my Respiratory back ground I was going the CRNA route, hell I intubated over 500 people so was just the career path. However the longer I worked in the field the more my strengths came out in other areas. If you are going the CRNA route know this, 70% of your job will be putting in Epidural's in pregnant women. According to the state you work in will dictate how much you do of course. I also did not like OR that much, got way to repetitive for me. If you want send me a PM with a list of questions, would gladly help out. Lord knows I had my mom help me since she is a Neonate Nurse Practitioner.


I'll just enjoy my last semester, taking 1 course, 1 4-week lab and writing my thesis.